2 Poems to Make You Feel Good

I’m rather proud of these two students from the Writing Poetry class.

Bill is also a musician, and since he composes songs, he had written some verse before taking the class. But he said he learned a lot about how to do the job “right” and will use that knowledge now for his music.

Richard won’t mind my telling you that when he started in the class, he found the strain of trying to get the right number of syllables, the right pattern of accents, and the right number of feet per line a very taxing — even exhausting — exercise. However, he was determined to master the craft because he has so many delightful and creative ideas to share in poetic form, and he wants to do it well for the sake of his readers. I think he did a terrific job of getting a handle on the discipline of good lyrical poetry, and I look forward to having him in an advanced class in the future.


Two of our students in the recent Writing Poetry class wrote poems that call us to think about the special memories and the little everyday things that make us happy.  You can check them out at the links below:

by Bill Simon

by Richard T. Tierney


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