Date on a budget?

Had to reblog this: SO FUNNY, but also right on target in focusing on what love relationships should be about.

Marta Frant

At first glance it might seem that a man who can’t support the economy is unattractive to the opposite sex.

But it is not so. If you have to break your favorite piggy bank to arrange a date but its contents (you have been depriving yourself of school lunches for 2 years) will only be enough to buy some candy and flowers (or some school lunches), you have no reason to despair.

So, how to arrange a date without spending a lot of money:

– Buy bread and feed ducks. This activity can not only tell her that you love animals but also that you will always be the breadwinner in your future family.

–  Buy a small sapling and plant it together. It will shed light on another your virtue. She will realize that since you can plant a tree, to build a house and raise a son is a piece of…

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