A Thought-Provoking Piece of Fiction

A new story by one of my students is now posted on the “Debut Writers Journal.” Please be advised, however, that it carries a PG13 rating.


RAILROAD CROSSING, BYRON, IL. PUB DOMAIN (STEVE KARG0I’m glad to announce that we’ve added a brand new short story to our fiction list at Debut Writers Journal.  The Visitor is a recent story by one of our hard-working students, Paul Vanni.

Paul has written fiction, poetry, and plays for several years. He enjoys writing about subjects relating to World War II, and about any number of other subjects that provoke thought and discussion. This piece is something of a psychological study of a man facing serious turmoil in his life and considering some of the possible choices for dealing with it.

It’s a short, thought-provoking read, and you can find it at the link above.

PLEASE NOTE: This story does contain a small amount of “adult” material and I have put a PG13 Rating on it. So please take that rating into consideration.


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