Friday Fictioneers, 6/19/15 – ‘The Life You Save May Be Your Own’

Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Story Challenge

Why is it that it’s always on days when I have a thousand other things I’m supposed to be doing that the Friday Fictioneers picture grabs my imagination and won’t let go?  I really don’t mind, except for the fact that I feel to doggone GUILTY the whole time I’m writing the story because I know I’m supposed to be using the time for something else.  Aaahhhhh, I just had another thought: Perhaps that aspect of it adds to my creativity …….

Photo Copyright: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


The image of that chandelier hanging from the scroll-work ceiling is emblazoned on my mind for life. My enchantment with the artistry of that ceiling was almost my downfall. I still don’t know what sound made me look to the right in time to see Sheila leaning over the top-floor banister, aiming her rifle at me. I choked on my questions — and my scream. But the railing broke away a mere second before she fired, so the bullet missed me.

When I’d filed through that railing, re-painting it, I’d hoped it would do the job when Sheila leaned on it as she loved to do. But I’d had no idea how much my own life depended on my success.


35 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers, 6/19/15 – ‘The Life You Save May Be Your Own’

  1. Dumb Sheila, a shotgun, no imagination! Love it, isn’t it funny how a photograph can grab you and not let you go. It was the smaller version on my desk top that gave me my idea. Just had to go with it. And yes, I’m supposed to be working on something else too, okay, I’m headed there now!

    1. Since I wasn’t allowed enough words to explain the reason for the problem, I let the readers fill in the blanks. That’s one advantage of the 100-word stories. You get to leave out a lot, so you don’t have to figure it out before you write.

  2. Dear Sandra,

    I’d rather hoped that Sheila would be serving time before having another chance. Good thing the MC looked up when she did. Nicely done.



    1. Thanks, Sandra. I’d like to know that same thing. But I find it’s sometimes helpful to have a very small word limit. Then I’m not considered a bad writer if I don’t get all the questions answered and the loose end tied up.

  3. Fun story, but I can’t decide who is more wicked: Sheila for shooting or you (her target) for suspecting she might want to shoot you and preparing for that inevitability. I mean people don’t just take aim for no reason… 😉

    1. Actually, the main character was planning to kill Sheila by having her fall through the railing. The clue was that the main character knew Sheila regularly leaned against the railing. She just wasn’t prepared to her to lean on it holding a rifle.

    1. Thank you. And don’t waste any empathy. They are both cold-blooded killers. Don’t know why that idea just popped right out at me when I saw that picture. But I didn’t want to waste it.

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