Okay, Now I’m Really Mad! — or else I’m really stupid …

ANGRY WOMANI’ve had just about all I can take of WordPress messing up what used to be a wonderful blogging experience. I’m trying to get blogging students started on this blogging network, and I’ve just been encouraging a fellow teacher to begin a brand new blog on here as well, and what do I find when I get on here tonight???

Not only do I have to wade through all of these stupid changes that have been made in the past year — most of which makes the whole process more complicated and more time consuming (as most of you readers have testified on here as well) — but now I can’t even change the color of my header text so that it will go with my header photo.  Where did that control go?????  It’s just a little button and a color chart. What’s the harm in keeping it?

Until today, every time I changed my header photo, the page also gave me the option to choose a new color for the header text.  Now there is no way at all to change the color. (Now, this is where the “stupid” part comes into the picture. If there is a new way to change the text color, I’m not smart enough to find it.) This particular theme — and in fact every single theme I’ve ever used on WP — has allowed me to change the header text color. Now, all of a sudden, I’m stuck with keeping the text the color it is right now, no matter what. Moreover, I have the same problem on all four of my blogs.

Frankly, I’m about ready to give up on all four. These ridiculous changes cost me excessive time and energy every time I’m on here anymore, and it’s impossible to teach other people how to use this system when it keeps changing. So I certainly can’t encourage anyone else to use WordPress at this rate.

Help!!! Does anybody out there have any information that just might help? Can the rest of you still change your header text color or not?

I followed the link to the “Ask Happiness Engineers” page, but all I can ever find on that page is a place to put a question into the forum page to try to get some help, but I don’t hold out much hope. The last time I tried to get help that way, the only person who answered was another blogger who was as fed up as I am. When I first started on WordPress, the tech people were truly helpful. They would even send us an e-mail and actually communicate with us and fix problems. Now I can’t seem to find them.

The “Help” pages say that the “Color” section of the customize panel will let us change the header text, but it will not. Nor will the “Title” section, or the “Header” section. So if anyone has anything in mind that might lead me to a solution, please don’t hesitate to pass it on. And thanks!

I can get over being mad, but I’d really, really, really hate to find out I’m stupid!



9 thoughts on “Okay, Now I’m Really Mad! — or else I’m really stupid …

  1. Timethief may have helped you, but I agree they are really messing with WordPress. I’ve be with them 7 yrs now and am getting more discouraged all the time. My big beef right now is that when you scroll down you lose the whole bar that lets you Bold or make links or whatever. I have to save it to get it back. You are not stupid. WP maybe. I think they are trying to force us to you that silly new editor they dreamed up.By making the old one misbehave, they are forcing us to the new one.

    • Well, actually, they have already forced us to use the new “Customizer.” We used to able to go to the old dashboard, click “Appearance,” and then “Header,” and we could change our header picture and the text color. Now, we can’t get that page anymore. Even when we go through the old editor, they take us to the new “Customizer” window, and there is no way whatsoever to change the color of the header text.

      So, yes, they are forcing us to use the new, and I can’t get my new editor to publish my posts immediately. It keeps setting a different time. I was trying to get it to work because I knew they’d stop using the old one soon, but I can’t get it to work right most of the time, so I still use the old one.

      But I changed my header text color to white when I put a darker background on my blog. I naturally assumed I’d be able to change it again when I needed to. But now if I try to use a white background in the future, I won’t be able to even see the title of my blog because the color won’t change. Now, that is absolutely asinine, and I’m not going to keep putting up with it.

      Nor can I start my students on WordPress now either. If they haven’t straightened out some things by the time my new blogging class starts, I’ll have to take them someplace else. Most of those people are older adults who don’t understand this technology, but they want to get to where they can communicate with people online. But they have to have a system that doesn’t change every few weeks, or they will be so confused they’ll give up.

      I hate to leave WordPress, mainly because I’ve made so many friends over here, and most people won’t bother to visit me on a different blogging network, but if I can’t enjoy the blogging, then it’s stupid to continue to maintain 4 separate blogs here — as well as encourage a bunch more people to do the same. Besides, I need to blog on the same network that I have my students on.

      But since Timethief marked my question for the Theme techs to look at, maybe they will get back to me. I really think somebody goofed and forgot to put that section into the new Customizer. But if they haven’t gotten back to me by the end of the week, I’ll just move over to Blogger and go on from there. I have blogs there, but I let them just sit since I decided to stick exclusively with WP. But maybe I’ll investigate another network or two when I get time.

      Timethief told me on the forum comments that she is leaving WordPress herself because she’s so fed up, and she’s been in the support group for 9 years. But even she feels it’s ridiculous to keep putting up with this stuff.

    • By the way, I was able to share the link you sent me for the RSS feed problem. One other blogger (who was even a member of the support team) was having trouble with that as well, so I shared the link with him. The only support team member who answered my question on the forum gave me a wrong link. But thanks to you now two of us can get our feed to work right. Thanks again.

    • Hey, I just remembered. I have a website with my domain name (sandraconner.com) on my GoDaddy account. I’ve had it for five years and I played around with it for a while, but didn’t get far. Maybe I’ll put my author’s blog on that.

      • Glad I figured out something. 🙂 I was on Blogger originally and prefer WP. I also am getting ready to help a newby to techy stuff, how to blog. I may be in for more of a challenge than I figured.

        • I used to prefer WP, but now that they’re forcing us to use a system that doesn’t work a whole lot of the time — and that takes me much longer to accomplish my work — I don’t know what there is to “prefer.”

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