100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week 163 — ‘Heroine’

Julia’s 100-Word Challenge this week is the prompt:  “… but it was there just a moment ago …”



“But it was there just a moment ago,” Sonya insisted.

Gregor’s face distorted with anger and fear.

“I put it on your desk exactly as you instructed,” she said. “Honestly!”

“This office was locked, Sonya. Except for you, no one had entrance.”

Sonya circled the room, looking under furniture, rummaging file drawers, dumping wastebaskets. “Give me time; I’ll find it!”

He grabbed her by the throat. “To whom have you betrayed me?”

She stalled for time. In another hour, Interpol would have the information they needed to bring down this tyrant’s regime. Even if she had to die, it thrilled her to know she had made it all possible.


9 thoughts on “100-Word Challenge for Grownups – Week 163 — ‘Heroine’

    1. I think the Interpol agent come sweeping in just in time, gives Gregor a deadly Karate chop, and rescues Sonya. And they all live happily ever after — except for Gregor.

  1. Goodness me. More intrigue, blood & gore. This prompt certainly got juices flowing. This is great writing & I can see it as part of a Bond film!

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