Why Travel Alone?

My sister, Brenda Calvert, loves to travel — and she does a LOT of it — both in our home country, the U.S., and around the rest of the world as well. She is also a natural-born teacher, and she has been able to share helpful information and tips with many other people about how single people can travel alone, feel totally secure, and have loads of fun. So we finally convinced her to start a blog where people can visit and enjoy all that she has to share. I hope some of my readers will visit her at her new home on the Internet and welcome her to WordPress.

Brenda Travels Solo

Why would anyone want to go on a vacation by herself? There are many answers to this question. For me, it is mostly about the ability to get the most of what “I” want out of my money and time as I travel.

Traveling with a group or with a best friend can be lots of fun. However, as much as I truly enjoy those trips, I often choose to take most of my larger trips solo. When I travel alone, I can decide exactly where I want to go on the journey — the final destination and points in between. For some trips, I prefer driving, some flying, and some on Amtrak (love train travel!). Making these decisions about where I go and by what mode I travel goes a long way in determining the final cost of the trip.

Paris 2013 (I) 003 Hotel Londres Eiffel

Lodging can also be tricky if…

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