I Recommend “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” Series

I originally posted this article over two years ago. But, having just this past week picked up the one book in the series that I had missed, I find that the things shared two years ago are still worth sharing today. So — for those of you who were’t following my blog back then — and for those of you who just like to hear about books that make you feel blessed — here’s the rerun.

The Happy Wordcrafter


NO. 1 LADIES DET. COVERI seldom post reviews of books that I am reading – not because I do not think they are worthy of a post – but mostly because I am always reading and enjoy so many different genres by so many different authors that if I let myself do so, I would be posting about them all the time, rather than about other things. However, occasionally, I find myself enjoying a book so very much that I am just compelled to share it – or to share a series that is special to me.

I have posted a time or two about the Miss Read books – authored by the late Dora Saint – and I talked about how those books take the reader right into villages, the homes, and the lives of the charming and endearing characters. I became a bona-fide citizen of the fictional villages of Thrush Green…

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