A Christmas Carol: Where Are They Now? # 1

Thought it was time to post some fun from my Christmas website

Merry Christmas, World!

book_52-trquis-christmas-talesWith my sincere apologies to Mr. Charles Dickens, I’m offering a series of futuristic vignettes that take a look at a few of the characters of his heart-warming novel and what their lives may have been like decades  beyond the words “The End” at the close of his masterpiece. These tales are simply the result of my imagination being given free rein, but I offer them in the spirit of the season, hoping you’ll enjoy them. You can also find them in my Christmas anthologyStocking Full of Stories, which is for sale at the Amazon Kindle Store all year long.


Ebenezer had never felt his heart stop beating before. Was that what was happening, or was he just forgetting to breathe? He wasn’t sure, but He did know he was looking at the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen, and he was glad…

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2 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol: Where Are They Now? # 1

    1. Thank you. I probably should warn you though — if you’re not a fan of Christmas — that since I LOVE it, there will be a whole lot of Christmas stuff on my blog. But you can always skip those parts. WordPress even gives us snow for our blogs if we want it during Christmas time, so, of course, I’ll have snow as well. 🙂

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