WordPress, WHERE Is My Snow???????

SAD SMILEY - FLESH COLORI don’t have snow!!!  And I don’t understand.  I have the box checked on my settings. I even unchecked it and re-checked it, then saved the settings again — just to make sure. I have snow on my other blogs, but not on my main one — this one. Two of my readers tell me they can see it snowing on this site, but I still can’t see any snow. I even checked the site in a different browser, and that made no difference. Is anyone else out there having trouble seeing your snow?????


16 thoughts on “WordPress, WHERE Is My Snow???????

    1. Well, that doesn’t sound fair to me. At least I know there’s snow somewhere. But I can see it myself on all my other blogs, and we’re supposed to be able to see it on our own site, so there’s still something wrong. Hopefully, it will get fixed soon.

        1. I did try changing browsers, but that didn’t help. I think I’ll just give up. It’s definitely not worth trying to go into what WP calls their “help” center and writing a comment, then waiting a week to hear back from them. I can see snow on all my other blogs, so I’ll just be satisfied with that. Thanks for letting me know that you see it though.

        1. I checked it yesterday with a different browser, but no snow there either. If I log out and go to the site, I can see the snow. But we’re supposed to be able to see it on our own site when we are logged in. I have seen it other years when I was logged in, and I see it on my four other blogs now when I’m logged in. So there is definitely something wrong, but WP is harder to get tech help from these days. If I go to their help forum and type in a problem it may be a week or two before they get back to me, and the snow lasts only until January 4, so it’s just not worth the trouble.

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