A Very Sad Time in My Life


I lost my very best friend last night. Kent Bartholomew Mann. He was killed in a bicycling accident just a few hours after we’d been working together editing one of my books. For many years, he was a constant support and encouragement to me in my writing and my ministry, and the loss is much deeper than words can convey. I’m sharing this picture because it is of the gingerbread house he put together just a few years ago because he had always wanted to do one as a kid but never had. So in his mid-fifties, he decided it was time. For me, it represents so many of the positive things that were part of his character and personality.
I appreciate your prayers.




20 thoughts on “A Very Sad Time in My Life

  1. Sandra – I am so sorry for your loss. Keeping you in prayer that the Lord will comfort you in your grief. Praying for his family as well. Hugs from New jersey.

  2. Dear Sarah,

    No words can ease the pain, but I’m sorry for your loss. If I were there I’d put my arms around you and allow you to cry. Prayers definitely coming your way in the grieving process.

    Love and Shalom of Yeshua,


    1. I appreciate that, Dennis. It truly is a great loss personally, since he was my closest friend. But it’s also a professional loss. Because even though, by profession, he was an attorney, by natural talent, he was the most effective book editor I ever worked with. He always did the final editing of everything I wrote before it went to a publisher, and several of my novels have an added spark or significant improvement that makes each of them a better work because of him. Thank you for your condolence and your kind thoughts.

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