Help: Does Anybody Out There Know?

woman-megahoneI contacted WordPress about this problem several days ago, but have not heard any kind of reply, so I’m going to the people I can count on: my readers. I’m having a problem with how the WP Reader directs traffic to my blog — and to many other blogs as well.

When I go to the Reader and see a blurb from an article that I want to read and click on it, most of the time WP takes me to a plain white page with the entire article on it, but it does NOT take me to that person’s site. If I click on the little “visit” icon in the lower left corner of the blurb in the Reader, it still takes me to a white page, but it gives me an option in the upper right corner to click AGAIN and FINALLY get to that person’s actual blog.

That stinks, because I spend a lot of time putting things the way I want them on my blog so that people see specific things in specific formats, colors, positions, etc, but that plain white page distorts all of that. Most people are so busy that they won’t keep clicking two and three times to finally get to my site. They just read the article if they’re interested, but don’t see other things on my actual blog that I want them to see. (Things like headers, widgets, sticky notes, etc.) To me it’s a reasonable question to ask: Why work to have individualized, personalized blog sites if no one is ever going to go there because they can read full posts on a plain white page in the Reader?

But I’ve noticed that a few of the blogs showing in the Reader do not have that problem. The Reader takes the visitor instantly to the actual blog site. Does anyone know if there is a setting someplace that determines that situation? Is there a way to set my sites so that people can’t read an entire post in the Reader without coming to my actual site?

Thanks for any information or insight that you can give.

9 thoughts on “Help: Does Anybody Out There Know?

    1. Yes, they seem to be changing things helter-skelter these days. But I went onto my YouTube channel today, and, lo and behold, all of my videos that I had posted over the past 2 years were gone. The site said that channel had no inventory to show. Come to find out, a whole bunch of people had the same problem today. Whew! Technology. Don’t know whether to bless it or cuss it.

  1. I tried clicking of several different sites in my reader and even the “visit”. Every time I click on them, they take me right to the site. Sorry, but I don’t seem to have that problem. I am testing this on the computer and not a phone or tablet.

    1. All my visits are on my desktop or my laptop computer, but it’s doing the plain white page the overwhelming majority of the time. I guess it’s just more of WordPress’ idiotic fascination with change. We can’t count on anything — except constant change.

      1. You know, when I am on my phone and check my mail, I get white pages some times because they take forever to load. Two points. How fast is your internet? Have you ever used a direct connection with an Ethernet cable? I run my computer that way all the time now. I also have “unquote” 100 speed.

        1. I use only DSL connections on everything with Ethernet. And my laptop is wireless. Every Internet site I call for comes up instantly. But this situation has nothing to do with slow connection. When I said “plain white page,” that was confusing. It’s a different layout for reading posts. It’s not a page on my blog. It’s a solid white page that has the title of the post, the author’s name, the author’s gravatar photo, and a comment section. It’s something WP is doing, and I think it’s a stinky thing for them to do, since it keeps people from landing on our sites. But I do wonder if there’s a way to change my settings that will affect it.

          A couple years ago, they had the Reader set so that people could read whole posts in the Reader without visiting the blog, but the blog owner could set his site up so that only a blurb from the post would show, and the person reading had to go on over to the blog to finish the post. But now I don’t seem to have a choice, and I can’t get WP to get back to me. Of course, since I’m getting the blog space free I can’t complain too much, but I do think it’s a very unfair thing for them to do.

          1. Whew, that was a long reply. So I might as well add a little more. Even if I can change my settings for my own site, that won’t get me to other people’s blogs when I click on their post in the Reader. The white page I’m taken to has another button that let’s you click to go on to that person’s blog. But we shouldn’t have to keep clicking. One click on a post in the Reader should take us to that blog post on that individual’s blog site.

            In the past 24 hours, when I’ve clicked on the “Visit” icon at the bottom left corner of the post in the Reader, it takes me to the actual blog about two-thirds of the time. That’s better than it was doing the other day. But if I click on the post title, I still get taken to the white page. It’s happening with your site and almost everyone I click on. One other blogger asked me to let him know when I found out the answer, so I guess he’s having the same problem as well.

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