Weekend Coffee Share – Christmas Decorating

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Well, I’m cutting things pretty close for this “Weekend Coffee Share,” but I’ve never participated in the past and suddenly decided it was time I did. So here goes.

To begin, I can tell you that I LOVE coffee. In fact, a couple months ago, I did a whole series called “Daily Grind Coffee Quotes,” where I shared some amazing pictures of coffee and a personal quote that fit each picture.  If you think you’d enjoy them, feel free to check them out. I’ll include a link here to the page that has only the “Daily Grind” posts.

Now, if we were sitting and sharing a cup of coffee today, I’d probably talk about Christmas. I LOVE Christmas. My sister and I both do, and we enjoy keeping as many of our family traditions going as possible. However, I had a lot of renovation done to my house this fall, and there’s still a tiny bit to finish up. So I’ve been getting to my Christmas decorating a little slowly.

No problem, though. It’s still lots of fun. I do have a brand new electrical outlet on my front porch and on the back of my house  — which makes doing my outside lights much easier than it was in previous years. I have lots of white lights on my front porch and a cross of white lights on my front door. I have multi-colored lights along the back of my house.

I’m a little sad that my huge, beautiful Blue Spruce ( Big Blue by name) won’t get lights though. I used to decorate him, but now he’s so very tall and big around that it would take at least 3,000 lights to do him any justice at all. Unfortunately the normal outdoor Christmas lights warn against linking that many strings together, and the LED’s are just too expensive to purchase that many when I want other decorations as well. Besides, I’d also have to hire someone with a crane and bucket to string those 3,000 lights. Oh, well, I still enjoy my tree. And when it snows and covers the branches with soft piles of snow, it’s a truly enchanting sight.

I’ve almost got all the inside decorations up. My tree will go up tonight, along with a large Christmas Teddy Bear who gets to sit in his own little red rocking chair. It’s actually MY little red rocking chair. I’ve had it since I was 2 years old. Considering the fact that I’m now 69, I think it’s quite an accomplishment to still have it in great condition in my living room.

One of my favorite decorations is a huge adult pop-up story book that was a gift from my very best friend about 5 years ago. Since I’m a minister as well as a writer, he knew I’d enjoy some kind of book that was connected with the Scriptures, and he found a pop-up book that covers the first five books of the Bible. Each book has an enormous and very detailed scene that come up when you turn to that page. One of the scenes — ‘The Tower of Babel’ — stands 13 inches high when it pops up.

Wow, I didn’t intend to get so carried away about decorating, but — as I mentioned — I do love Christmas. I even have a separate website devoted to nothing but that wonderful holiday. I hope all of you are looking forward to the celebration of our Lord’s birth as well. And I hope you have as much fun getting ready for it as I do.

Well, my coffee needs a warm-up, so I’ll sign off now and go take care of that. Thanks for visiting with me and sharing my favorite beverage today.




3 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – Christmas Decorating

  1. Welcome to Coffee Share!!
    Your decorations sound absolutely delightful! There’s something special about having something that has been part of your life for such a long time — keeping that little red rocking chair for so long is certainly an awesome thing.
    And that pop-up book sounds spectacular! I’d love to see that some time — different interpretations and illustrations of biblical stories fascinate me!

    1. Well, mine aren’t this far along because I’m organized or industrious or anything. It’s only because I love Christmas so much that I can’t wait to start. And I don’t ever decorate to please anyone else either. I just do what is fun for me. I don’t have to be concerned about making things right for guests, since there’s no one who needs to stay at my house during the holidays. So having just myself to please makes things a lot easier.

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