““““`While just sitting here looking at the snow — and one of the fattest cardinals I’ve ever seen — I thought I’d reblog this poem from my “Ahyoka” site. I wish I could have gotten a picture of that cardinal. He was well-fed indeed.


Snow day — thanks to the weather
I hibernate with pleasure
And watch the birdies as they graze
On bounty I’ve laid out to day:
Whole grain bread in pieces small
And oats that can be shared by all,
Then crackers sharp with garlic taste
And graham crackers too — no waste.
I watch the shadows on the snow
Shifting as the sun moves slow
And contemplate my quiet day:
A gift of extra time to pray.
Tomorrow when this snow is gone,
It’s back to work and carry on,
But while I have this time of ease,
The birds and I are quite at peace.


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