Exif JPEGIf we were having coffee today, I’d show you my brand new mug. In fact, I just bought it today. Couldn’t resist. Not that I NEED another coffee mug.  Well, on the other hand, I do need another one because two of mine developed cracks inside — in the glaze — and they have now been relegated to the “find another use for them” shelf. They still make great holders for plastic silverware, pens/pencils, flowers, or napkins.

But the truth is that I wasn’t shopping for any more mugs. I just happened across this lovely little blue one that has sort of a quilted texture on the outside. So I bought it, and if you were joining me for coffee, I’d even let you use it.

I’d probably also tell you that I’m getting very frustrated with myself because I’m working on three books that need to be finished and sent to market, but I keep dragging my feet. And now, I’m toying with starting a fourth because I’ve already named my main character. And I don’t have anything to do with her if I don’t give her a story. This situation is one of those experiences that so many of us have as writers: we come across an individual with a particular character trait, a particular look, or a particular name, and we just KNOW that we have to use it in a book.

That’s what happened to me a short time ago. I met a young lady — a waitress in a local restaurant — whose name is Sadie Rose. As soon as I heard that name, I connected with it. It delighted my soul, and I told the young woman that I knew right then that I would have to use her name for a character in a book. She shared with me and the others at our table that she had been named for her two grandmothers, and she seemed very happy about that legacy.

So today I’ve been thinking about who will get to bear the name Sadie Rose in my next story.  Will my Sadie be a waitress too — or a lawyer — or a truck driver — or a —– well, you get the idea. I’m still waiting to find out the answer to that question myself. And I just have to get that story started. I know I should finish at least one of the other books first, but — as I’m sure many of you out there know — a writer’s life just doesn’t follow normal patterns a lot of the time. Anything can strike the spark of inspiration that leads to a great story. And I’ve begun more than one story on less inspiration than a delightful name like Sadie Rose. So I’d better put on another pot of coffee. I’ve got a lot of thinking — and writing — to do this weekend.


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