Friday Funnies – 7/20/18

Running late this week, but I’m posting my Friday Funnies anyway. Don’t forget: if you want to share your own “Friday Funnies” just leave the link in the “Comments” section below.

POT ROAST -- zrenate -- PX

A man walked into the kitchen as his new bride Jenny was preparing a pot roast. He watched as she cut off a small part of one end of the roast and then proceeded to place the rest into the pot. There was plenty of space left in the pot, and he assumed she’d put the other piece in as well, but she did not. She put the lid on and proceeded with the cooking.

“Honey, I noticed that you cut off the smaller end off the roast before you put it in the pot. Why is that?”

His wife looked at him for a minute, trying to assimilate what he had asked. A questioning look came into her eyes, and she answered. “Well, I don’t know. I guess it’s because that’s the way Momma always did it, and she’s the one who taught me how to cook. So I figured that was what we needed to do.”

“Well, why did she cut off the end?” her husband asked.

“I don’t exactly know,” she answered. “I think I’ll call Momma and ask her.”

A few minutes later, on the telephone, the young wife addressed her mother. “Momma, I was fixin’ a roast today, and cut off the end the way we always have, and Randall came into the kitchen about that time. He asked me why I cut off the end of the roast. I told him that’s the way you always did it, and that’s the only way I know to make a roast. But then he asked me why you did it that way, and I didn’t know. So … why did you always cut off the end?”

“Well, Honey, I did it because that’s the way your grandmama always did it when she was teachin’ me to cook.”

“Well, why did she do it?”

“I’ll be darned if I know,” her mother answered. “I think I’ll call her and ask her.”

A few minutes later, Jenny’s mother spoke with her own mother. “Mama, I was just talkin’ to Jenny,  and she said Randall asked her why she cut the end off a roast before she put it in the pot. She said she did it because I always did that, and she asked me why I did it. Well, of course, I explained that I did it because that’s what you always did, but I’d  never asked you why. So, now my curiosity’s got the better of me. Why did you always cut off the end of the roast?”

“Why, Honey, I cut it off because we only had one pot, and it was too little to hold the whole roast at one time.”

🙂     🙂     🙂

photo courtesy of zrenate @


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