Since It’s World Bee Day

Terry Valley – Visions Seen Photography

Today is “Word Bee Day.” Who knew???  Well, I guess the UN General Assembly did, since they declared it a couple years ago. I didn’t know until this morning, but that’s okay. I have nothing against bees. I usually have a hundred or so spending time in my azalea bushes., and we get along fine. But, frankly, I’m totally fed up with all these causes to “save” all kinds of various creatures and plants while carrying on the wholesale slaughter of human beings in their mother’s wombs. Can anyone say “insanity”?????

Anyway, I decided that if I’m going to have to acknowledge “World Bee Day,” I’m going to do it may own way. I made out a list of things that I’m scheduling myself to do today, and I encourage everyone reading this post to do these same things. As a former grammar teacher, I’ve had to turn off my natural spelling instincts for this one, but it’s worth it:

1.  Bee on the look-out for anyone I can help with his job or a personal problem — and then actively help him.

2.  Bee cheerful and kind to everyone I interact with all day long, whether it’s a business, associate, a family member, a social network friend, a fellow grocery shopper, or a neighbor’s dog choosing my yard for the bathroom — everyone — no exceptions.

3.  Bee diligent to do every task that should be done today and to finish it on time and with excellence.

4.  Bee sure to smile at everyone and at myself in the mirror.

5.  Bee diligent to contemplate and be grateful for all the multitude of blessings in my life.

6.  Bee diligent to openly and generously praise the Lord for giving me so much to make my life good.

7.  Bee Happy!  (It is a choice.)






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