Written for my poetry site, but I thought I might as well share it here as well.




I am a writer.
Yes, I am; I know I am.
So why is it that
I’m so often in this jam?

I start new novels;
Then, alas, the muse runs dry.
Three novels just sit,
And I have no idea why.

I am a writer.
I’ve said it o’er and o’er again.
“I am a writer!”
Pounding, pounding through my brain.

Since writing novels
Doesn’t seem to work just now,
I’ll write a poem.
They’re much prettier anyhow.

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4 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. Yep! I know a little bit about that.

    I’m a blogger, but can’t seem to blog.
    At times, mind is in a fog.
    So here I sit on a log.
    Wishing I could come up with a blog.

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