Weekend Coffee Share – 1/18/20


Wow, this is my first ‘Coffee Share’ for the new year! If you’d like to participate in having coffee with friends this weekend, just hop over to Eclectic Ali’s place and get the details.

I’ve just been visiting Trent at “Trent’s World” to have coffee with him, and if you want to see some super gorgeous photos of a sunset on the beach at Cape Cod, hop over to his site and enjoy them. I don’t have anything nearly so spectacular to share, but I did enjoy his.

If we were having coffee together this morning, I’d probably tell you that I’m gearing up for the two classes I’ll be teaching at the local college this term: “Biblical Pathways to Health & Wholeness” and “Writing Poetry.”  I love teaching both of these courses. I’m often a little disappointed that we don’t get larger groups in the “Writing Poetry” classes. More people come to the classes to learn about writing prose, and I guess that’s natural, but I do believe that if more people understood how much fun the “Writing Poetry” classes are, they would sign up. I think a lot of people think writing poetry will be too hard for them, but the truth is that a great many people can write good poems once they understand a few basics.

Well, enough of that. It sounds as though I’m trying to talk all my readers into taking the course, and that’s pretty well impossible, since most of you live hundreds — if not thousands — of miles away from the college. So, on to other subjects. I started a new group on Facebook this past week for Christian artists. Anyone who wants to create art that glorifies Jesus Christ can join. The main purpose of the group is to have another avenue to connect with other artists of like spirit, and to help us focus on God’s Word as we create. Twice a month (on the 1st and the 15th) I post a scripture prompt. Then all the members take some time to meditate on that scripture and see where it leads them in their creativity.

They are free to create any type of art in any medium, as long as it’s something inspired by that scripture. Then when the work is finished, they take a picture of it and post it with the prompt on the group FB page so everyone can enjoy it. People who are not members of the group will be able to see our work as well.  (By the way, in case any of you out there are Christian artists and would like to participate, I’ll give you the link to the group page so you can read the description and rules for joining:  “Art From God’s Word” FB Group).

Well, I’m going to close out our chat now and think about doing laundry. But maybe another cup of coffee would be in order first — with a cookie or two to give me energy for the chores ahead. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – 1/18/20

  1. Thanks for the call out.

    I think some people take poetry too seriously and so it makes others a little afraid of it. I am not a good poet, but I do enjoy writing 🙂 Funny thing, years ago a publishing company approached my mom to write a book about writing poetry to be aimed at truckers and sold at truck stops. If truckers, why not college students? 😉 I hope you ahev a great time teaching your classes !

    Have a good week.

    Oh, almost forgot – remember to put a link in the linkup so others can find your post 🙂

  2. I have the last load of my weekend laundry in the washing machine, and so I decided to drop in for a cup of coffee. Thank you! I also liked Trent’s photographs, this weekend. Lovely view! I hope that your poetry class goes well. One always wishes for enthusiastic students for whom the instruction sparks imaginations. I’ve enjoyed being able to express myself in poetry of various sorts. I don’t do art as such, but (mostly) backyard photography.
    I do not recall coming across a weekend coffee share post of yours before now. Pleased to make your acquaintance! Thank you for visiting with me.

    1. I’ve tried to do the Weekend Coffee Shares as often as time permits, but I don’t think I had done one since November. Even last year, my involvement was sporadic — depending on my work schedule. But I enjoy sharing with other coffee lovers. Thank you for stopping by.

        1. If you enjoy posts about coffee, you can click the menu button on my site and click on the “Daily Grind Coffee Quotes” heading, the “Let’s Talk Coffee” heading, and the “Coffee Thursday” heading to find a lot more fun/interesting posts on that subject. I’ve had some trouble with my menu button showing up on some screens, so if you don’t see it, scroll down the page a little and see if it pops in from the left. I may have to change themes again if I can’t get the problem fixed. And if you’re not interested in posts about coffee, just ignore all of the above. 🙂

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