Focus on Coffee – Day 7


Well, here we are at the close of another coffee series. I do love posting about coffee. (I said that a few times already, didn’t I?) Today I’ve focused on a cup of coffee and an open Bible because, frankly, that’s my M.O. I’ve spent many long hours with a cup of coffee and my open Bible, just visiting with the Lord and talking over things — all kinds of things — some important, some not. And He enjoys those times as much as I do.

I have a great precedent for those experiences in my natural life, because I’ve sat and visited multitudes of times with my earthly dad over a cup of coffee — just talking over all kinds of things — and it’s always been a happy, comforting experience. As I’ve mentioned previously, both my parents were coffee drinkers, and the beverage was just a normal part of our lives every day. But even after my mom passed away, some of my favorite times with my dad involved enjoying a cup of coffee and conversation together. And I feel exactly the same about my Heavenly Father.

Some people who don’t like coffee don’t like to hear this, but I’m sure that after I’m finished with my work here and move on to the Heavenly realm, the Lord and I will enjoy many more times over a cup of great coffee — only I’m sure what He has available in Heaven will far surpass even the best cup I’ve ever had down here.

I’ve had fun focusing on coffee again this past week. Hope all of you are enjoying your own brand of the brew, and before too long, I’ll probably pop up with another mini-series on this favorite subject.


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11 thoughts on “Focus on Coffee – Day 7

  1. Oh, no! I’ll have to read your great articles without sharing my cup of coffee as I do. I guess we will survive until your next coffee series. Keep up the great work, and I am sure the coffee in heaven will be “heavenly”, for sure.

          1. Actually, I haven’t picked up a book in years that didn’t have mistakes in it — even from the biggest name publishers on the planet. Some have been just typos, and some have been bigger, more troublesome problems. I even picked up a book at the library this past year from a prominent, popular fiction publisher that had a serious typo on the back cover in the blurb that described the book. A full word had been printed twice instead of once and made a mess of the blurb. It was a shame, because — unlike independent and small publishers — who generally have smaller print runs — the big guys print so many thousands that they will never get that mistake corrected and reprinted. One of my novels was proofread 12 times — by 6 different readers — before it went into the marketplace. And still last year a friend read the book on her Kindle and discovered at least four typos that everyone had missed. Nobody ever catches every single mistake, so if you ever decide to publish in areas besides your blog, don’t let that stop you. 🙂

          2. Thanks for the encouragement. I have no plans of branching out at the moment. I am having enough trouble just keeping my current blogs posted. 🙂 Thanks to William and Dr. Jim, at least something is being posted. Then again, I have seen mispelling there also. 🙂 It’s called, “too fast fingers” and a “slow brain attached.” At least on my part. 🙂

          3. I prefer to think that our minds are so excellent that they are thinking so far ahead of what our fingers can type and the computer can process that some of the letters just get tripped up. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. In this time of our national lockdown, it is very refreshing to have coffee chats on light subjects or matters of the heart — like a home visit with old friends. When we were missionaries in Japan and were blessed beyond measure, there was a void of sitting down talking with old English speaking friends about everyday life. I still can not get enough of that. Thanks for sharing.

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