Weekly Smile – 11/2/20

I had a few minutes this afternoon — mainly because I’m putting off getting started on my laundry and dishes — but nevertheless — I thought I’d use those minutes to join in Trent’s “Weekly Smile” fun.

I had a fairly troubling week, but I did smile at least once each day because I had decided to do a series of coffee posts last week. Now, anyone who visits my site very often knows how much I love coffee, and since I decided to challenge myself to post a brand new coffee poem every day for seven days — along with lovely photos of the beverage —  I had something to smile about each day. And I did smile as I wrote each poem.

Frankly, I consider seven smiles in one week a very successful week. So let’s hear it for the happy beverage that sparked my grinner. Yay Coffee!!!


6 thoughts on “Weekly Smile – 11/2/20

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading our Coffee poems everyday this last week, so that’s a double smile. My big smile this week is starting Nano (National Novel Writing Month), and somehow reaching my first goal of 10 on day 1! Wow! Now, that was exciting. Still trying to figure how I did it, though.

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