What Do You See? # 124 – Building Dreams

This is so sweet. Wanted to share it here.

Isaac Wallace Writes

I was intrigued by the photo in the “What Do You See?” challenge this week on Sadje’s blog. What I wrote is not my normal form of writing. I’m generally prone to write stories with a lot of dialogue. But unusual prompts bring out unusual qualities in our natures sometimes, and I enjoyed doing this little character study instead.


Photo courtesy of Houcine Ncib @ unsplash.com

Belladonna McGuire was used to the other kids in 10th grade laughing at her. Most of them didn’t like geometry, and even the ones who did were never interested in spending their free time working on geometric projects. And, it wasn’t as if Belladonna received any encouragement at home where her favorite activity was concerned. Her mother worked at the local market 6 days a week, from 8:00 in the morning until 5:30. And her dad was virtually never home. He spent his…

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