Chocolate for Christmas — Day 8 (Christmas Eve)


I have to do one post that features hot chocolate. And what better time than Christmas Eve. Hey, if you’re feeling really festive, you might even want to leave some for Santa.

This post will close out my “Chocolate for Christmas” series. Hope all of you chocolate lovers out there get a whole lot of chocolate for Christmas.  🙂


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Chocolate for Christmas – Day 6


Chocolate chip cookies and fudge have to be the standards by which all other Christmas treats are judged. They were two things that my mother always made PLENTY of.  We always liked the old fashioned cocoa fudge. It took longer and was more tedious to make than the kind made with chocolate chips, and Mom always stirred in a huge spoonful of peanut butter just before she poured it into the pan to cool.

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For many years, my mother and I had our own special tradition concerning that fudge. On Christmas Eve morning, she and I always sat down together to have fudge and coffee for breakfast.


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Chocolate for Christmas – Day 5

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It’s probably safe to say that the ‘first family’ of chocolate in the U. S. A. is Hershey. And ever since they created the first “Hershey chocolate bar” for WWII soldiers on the battlefield, they’ve held a special place in the hearts of chocolate lovers everywhere. The bars created for the soldiers didn’t taste nearly as good as the ones we eat today. Their purpose during the war was to provide nutrition in emergency situations, and they were made to hold up under extreme conditions so that they lasted for entire campaigns. You can read more about the history of Hershey’s chocolate bars HERE.


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Chocolate for Christmas – Day 1

I enjoyed doing the coffee quotes so much in October that I decided to take Christmas week to focus on chocolate in a similar way.  So here’s my offering for Day 1: a chocolate cinquain.


It’s bliss
To think about.
Even more bliss to taste.
I just can’t seem to get enough:



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Daily Post Prompt: Bliss