Chocolate for Christmas – Day 6


Chocolate chip cookies and fudge have to be the standards by which all other Christmas treats are judged. They were two things that my mother always made PLENTY of.  We always liked the old fashioned cocoa fudge. It took longer and was more tedious to make than the kind made with chocolate chips, and Mom always stirred in a huge spoonful of peanut butter just before she poured it into the pan to cool.

FUDGE -ed. - Pixel -- PX

For many years, my mother and I had our own special tradition concerning that fudge. On Christmas Eve morning, she and I always sat down together to have fudge and coffee for breakfast.


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4 thoughts on “Chocolate for Christmas – Day 6

    1. I know. And now I’m really, really, really hungry for some fudge. But I honestly don’t have any time to make any. During the remodel, I lost so much time on my work that required computers and other equipment that I use to make greeting cards — due to power being turned off and on, off and on for several days and then other work that required a house full of men and no way to get to my stuff — not to mention the noise level that severely hindered concentration — that now I’m playing catch up with everything. And I’m still not ready for Christmas. My tree is up, and a couple other thing, but I have Christmas towels that still aren’t even on the towel racks. And I’ve been counting the days since October! But I like to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, and that doesn’t officially start until Monday. So I guess I’m good …… I ordered another interactive Advent calendar from Jacquie Lawson again this year, but I haven’t had time to work on that more than two days. But it will still work after Christmas, so I’ll do it all then.

  1. Just made fudge yesterday, using my mother-in-law’s recipe, which uses chocolate chips. Soo good (and easy). Finally, I feel a bit Christmasy.

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