12 Days of Christmas Coffee – Day 6

Coffee and Reading: They go together any time of the year. But when reading A CHRISTMAS CAROL, if you don’t have a great cup of coffee at your side — well, all I can say is,”Bah-Humbug!”   photo courtesy of Joanna Kosinska @ unsplash.com  

Making Merry — 12 Days of Christmas Coffee – Day 1

Christmas is just a little bit merrier with a great cup of coffee. I decided to make this post the first in a series called “12 Days of Christmas Coffee.” I hope you enjoy the series. Merry Christmas! photo courtesy of Vinson Tan @ pixabay.com  

Weekend Coffee Share 8/3/19

If we were having coffee together today, I’d be serving you my Folgiers half & half blend. I love Folgiers.  I generally enjoy Maxwell House coffee as well. Many of my family members and friends use the Keurig coffee makers, and they’re okay, but the coffee just doesn’t taste as good as it does whenContinue reading “Weekend Coffee Share 8/3/19”

Weekly Smile 7/29/19

I love taking part in Trent’s Weekly Smile, but for the past couple weeks I’ve been bogged down finishing up this term’s writing class and preparing for a ministry meeting at a local Civic Center. But this week, I’m starting to wind down from those two event — both of which made me smile —Continue reading “Weekly Smile 7/29/19”


My newest project: DAILY GRIND COFFEE LOVERS JOURNAL It’s finally online and for sale — from Amazon. (Copies will also be available from me personally if you’re in the Southern Illinois area). I love this journal. I enjoyed creating it, and I’ll enjoy using it personally. I’m including a few pictures of the outside andContinue reading “COFFEE LOVERS JOURNAL”

Let’s Talk Coffee (or Tea) – Day 10

  I’m going to close this series with today’s tea party. I hope you all have enjoyed this little jaunt with me into the world of coffee (or tea occasionally). It’s been an effort on my part to de-stress and get back to just having some fun with my website. It has worked pretty well,Continue reading “Let’s Talk Coffee (or Tea) – Day 10”

Let’s Talk Coffee (or Tea) – Day 9

I mentioned on Day 7 that I might include a post or two about hot tea as well as coffee, so let’s talk tea today. Some people consider tea a British drink. Well, it may have been once upon a time, but for my lifetime, it’s been as American as coffee. I often have bothContinue reading “Let’s Talk Coffee (or Tea) – Day 9”

Let’s Talk Coffee – Day 8

Ooooh, more stresssssssss!  But that’s okay, because I know how to get to my “Happy Place.”  Just pick up one of my delightful books by Miss Read, add a fresh-brewed cup of coffee, and I’m there!   🙂     photo courtesy of dream-wallpaper.com        

Let’s Talk Coffee – Day 7

  This whole past week of posting mostly nonsense about coffee has been so relaxing I just may do it for another week. I might even throw in a cup of tea for my British friends. I do enjoy a cup of hot tea frequently too. Whatever your drink of preference, I hope you enjoyContinue reading “Let’s Talk Coffee – Day 7”

Let’s Talk Coffee – Day 6

JOE ON THE GO Carry-out coffee is one of the greatest inventions of the human race. Okay, maybe that’s a little over-the-top where praise is concerned, but for people in the 21st century who have to be on the move for 12 to 15 hours of every 24, it’s a genuine blessing. Note of interest:Continue reading “Let’s Talk Coffee – Day 6”