Love -Through the Eyes of Opie Taylor

In an episode of the uniquely popular TV program The Andy Griffith Show, an episode entitled “The Rivals,” Andy tries to help his son Opie come to terms with the troubling symptoms of being in the throes of first love. As they sit together in the living room, Opie opens the conversation: “Pa, when you like someone aContinue reading “Love -Through the Eyes of Opie Taylor”

Look and Live

Do you need healing?  Are you struggling in your efforts to receive it?  Do you feel surrounded and overwhelmed by the symptoms, the doctors reports, the unbelief of friends and family — crowding around you and choking off your faith? The Psalmist in God’s Word felt exactly what you are feeling. He knew what itContinue reading “Look and Live”

My Cadillac For Your Camel

What Makes Something Valuable? We all live by a value system of some kind. Each possession, each day, and each person in our lives has a different value, and sometimes that value changes. The title of this article is a joke, of course, poking fun at the truth that most value is relative. But whatContinue reading “My Cadillac For Your Camel”

When Is ‘It’ A Baby?

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you,” said the Lord to the prophet Jeremiah. (Jer.1:4, NAS). Obviously, the Lord Himself considered Jeremiah a human being worthy of being consecrated to the work of God’s kingdom long before he came out of his mother’s birthContinue reading “When Is ‘It’ A Baby?”

Warning: Watch What You Say!

Words have power. They can inflict wounds that last a lifetime or heal a broken heart. They can soothe a troubled child or ignite a revolution. They can destroy a friendship or kindle the flame of love. In fact, God’s Word says that the very power of life and death is in the words thatContinue reading “Warning: Watch What You Say!”

Picture It and Write Challenge: ‘In the Beginning – A One-Act Play’

I originally posted this short one-act play a few months ago, but yesterday I came across a writing challenge connected with the picture below, and I thought the play fit the challenge perfectly.  So I’m sharing it as my response. Here’s the link:  Picture It and Write: In The Beginning: A One-Act Play Time:Continue reading “Picture It and Write Challenge: ‘In the Beginning – A One-Act Play’”

Our Homing Device

In the early morning of October 23 — just 11 days from today — thousands of swallows will lift off the grounds of the San Juan Capistrano mission, circle the mission once, and begin their pre-scheduled 7500-mile flight back to their home city of Goya, Argentina. They will have spent 7 months at the mission,Continue reading “Our Homing Device”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

Moving Forward and Clearing the Hurdles You will see in this exceptional photo that the horse is literally flying over this double hurdle with a measurable amount of clearance. A particularly difficult feat, and a beautiful sight to behold. I was inspired to see in this photo the meeting of a challenge in a quote from a womanContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement”

God’s Yearning to Heal You!

I originally wrote this article for the “Healing From Jesus” blog, but I feel the message is so vital for people who are in need of healing that I want to share it on my “By the Book” site as well.  For some reason, I could not get it to re-blog without making the pictureContinue reading “God’s Yearning to Heal You!”

‘The Day I Forgot To Hate’ – a short story by Ted Pavloff

Originally posted on A Walk In The Word:
(In honor of Memorial Day, I am sharing another of my veteran’s short stories.  This story, like “The Day I Forgot To Hate,” is fictitious, as are the characters, but it is based loosely on some of my own experiences as a Marine during World War II.)…

Finding Healing

As most of you know, I am not only a writer and teacher, but a minister of the Gospel as well. Over the past few weeks, some other faithful Christian ministers and I have begun to unite our efforts for the purpose of creating a brand new blog site that will be devoted to helpingContinue reading “Finding Healing”