Picture It and Write Challenge: ‘In the Beginning – A One-Act Play’

I originally posted this short one-act play a few months ago, but yesterday I came across a writing challenge connected with the picture below, and I thought the play fit the challenge perfectly.  So I’m sharing it as my response. Here’s the link:  Picture It and Write:  http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2012/10/21/__picture-it-write-42/ In The Beginning: A One-Act Play Time:Continue reading “Picture It and Write Challenge: ‘In the Beginning – A One-Act Play’”

Our Homing Device

In the early morning of October 23 — just 11 days from today — thousands of swallows will lift off the grounds of the San Juan Capistrano mission, circle the mission once, and begin their pre-scheduled 7500-mile flight back to their home city of Goya, Argentina. They will have spent 7 months at the mission,Continue reading “Our Homing Device”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

Moving Forward and Clearing the Hurdles You will see in this exceptional photo that the horse is literally flying over this double hurdle with a measurable amount of clearance. A particularly difficult feat, and a beautiful sight to behold. I was inspired to see in this photo the meeting of a challenge in a quote from a womanContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement”

God’s Yearning to Heal You!

I originally wrote this article for the “Healing From Jesus” blog, but I feel the message is so vital for people who are in need of healing that I want to share it on my “By the Book” site as well.  For some reason, I could not get it to re-blog without making the pictureContinue reading “God’s Yearning to Heal You!”

‘The Day I Forgot To Hate’ – a short story by Ted Pavloff

Originally posted on A Walk In The Word:
(In honor of Memorial Day, I am sharing another of my veteran’s short stories.  This story, like “The Day I Forgot To Hate,” is fictitious, as are the characters, but it is based loosely on some of my own experiences as a Marine during World War II.)…

Finding Healing

As most of you know, I am not only a writer and teacher, but a minister of the Gospel as well. Over the past few weeks, some other faithful Christian ministers and I have begun to unite our efforts for the purpose of creating a brand new blog site that will be devoted to helpingContinue reading “Finding Healing”