Inspirational Romance Goes To School

When there’s no textbook on love, romance can be a little tricky. But God, who’s the original Author of romance, has all the answers in His own book. And Professor Ephraim Kent is about to get an education with a higher degree than he’s ever earned before. Purchase your own copy in paperback or digital:Continue reading “Inspirational Romance Goes To School”

Winning the Lost the Jesus Way

Jesus never asked anyone to believe in Him or accept Him as the Son of God, the Messiah, on the basis of His willingness to die for their sins and give them access to Heaven at the end of their earthly lives. That concept was not the Gospel He preached. Instead, He asked them andContinue reading “Winning the Lost the Jesus Way”

The Truly Consecrated Christian

True consecration and oneness with Jesus is not earmarked by some mystical — other-worldly — experience where the believer ceases to have active participation in the life of the earth. It’s best understood as a believer continuing to have his feet firmly planted on this earth and actively participating in the life being lived onContinue reading “The Truly Consecrated Christian”

Amazing Story of U. S. Marines Protected by God During W.W.II

On Memorial Day, 2013 — just 2 months before going to be with the Lord — my dad posted the entire text of his book “SARGE, WILL YOU TELL US ABOUT GOD?” on his personal website so that people all over the world could read it free. He prefaced the story by sharing about hisContinue reading “Amazing Story of U. S. Marines Protected by God During W.W.II”

Our Words Rule — Video Lesson

If you’re struggling in your faith, or you find that God’s promises don’t seem to be manifesting in your life the way you need them to, this lesson will help you. In fact, the truths presented here, when absorbed and acted upon, can totally change your life. This video includes a full-length Bible study recordedContinue reading “Our Words Rule — Video Lesson”

Why I Wrote ‘The Smoky Mountain Novel Series’

  My love affair with the Smoky Mountains began when I was still a very young child. Except for a two-year stint in Fort Wayne, IN, my years between infancy and first grade were spent in Southern Illinois. And all of our family travels took us into the northeastern sections of the country. But whenContinue reading “Why I Wrote ‘The Smoky Mountain Novel Series’”

Old Ladies Get to Sit in Rocking Chairs and Sing Hymns

Old ladies get to sit in rocking chairs and sing hymns. I just figured that out. I can almost hear some readers asking, “Why would you think that?” My answer: Because I’m sitting here right now in the early morning, rocking contentedly and singing one of my favorite hymns: “Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine. OhContinue reading “Old Ladies Get to Sit in Rocking Chairs and Sing Hymns”

Lenten Poems — week 6

    THE PRICE IS PAID How deep and dark the grave in which they laid the Lord. And naught to give Him hope except the Father’s Word. But ’twas enough, for God had said, “When day three comes, You’ll rise with life anew and come again to Home.” Throughout the vigil, silence reigned andContinue reading “Lenten Poems — week 6”

Lenten Poems — week 5

    O, Lamb of God So pure, so holy, undefiled, You came so meekly, Vulnerable, a tiny child. You took our sin And took all of its consequence. You chose the cross, And on it your lifeblood was spent. But for what cause, When tempted in the garden that night, Did you still chooseContinue reading “Lenten Poems — week 5”