Worry — cinquain


Is such a drag.
It’s weight upon my soul
Drags down my body and my mind;
Wastes time.

Had much to say
‘Bout giving it no place:
“Do not let your heart be troubled;
Trust Me.”

His words
Are quite profound.
They mean I have a choice.
So I’m replacing worry with
His love.


10 thoughts on “Worry — cinquain

      1. Yes.and thanks for the introduction. It is fun and like a puzzle, but can be a means of a succinct and to the point statement.

    1. Take one syllable out of your second line, and you’ll have it perfect. I had to do that with one of mine recently, and it wasn’t until I went back to it about a month after posting it that I realized I had one too many syllables in the second line. It happens.

      1. I was hoping if I said “per’od” it would pass for two syllables. 🙂 Kind of stretching it. Thanks for checking me on it.

        1. Okay, now this is the “teacher” coming out in me, but here’s the thing: you could get by with making it a two-syllable word, but you’d have to punctuate it in the actual poem as you did in your comment — in other words, you’d have to take out the “i” and put in the apostrophe in the poem itself. However, that would probably sound too far off, so my suggestion would be to change the second line to read “Wrong periods,” Then you just continue that list in the next line.
          (Sorry, I just can’t help myself.)

          1. Makes sense and I learned something that was needed. Always enjoy your comments. They are advantageous and worth hearing!

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