Freedom of Speech

I know there are some who will hate me. And others speak evil of me, For taking a stand for what’s moral And for keeping this nation free. They’ve already gagged social media That work constitutionally — Those that allow us to speak truth, And keep our speech legally free. But, frankly, I won’t letContinue reading “Freedom of Speech”

The Christmas Rescue — a short story

(I post this story annually as part of my celebration of the season. I hope it blesses you.)♥♥♥ The following story is fiction – as are all the characters and the setting. However, the story was inspired directly by the real-life story of one of the most effective and compassionate men in ministry today. BillContinue reading “The Christmas Rescue — a short story”

What’s Stronger Than Corona Virus???

What’s stronger than Corona Virus? The Word of God The Blood of Jesus The Name of Jesus Our Redemption From the Curse (which includes all sickness of every conceivable kind.) _____________ The Word tells us in Galatians Chapter 3 that we who belong to Jesus Christ are redeemed from all sickness and disease (the curseContinue reading “What’s Stronger Than Corona Virus???”

We Have Our Own ‘Homing Device’

In the early morning of October 23 — just 11 days from today — thousands of swallows will lift off the grounds of the San Juan Capistrano mission, circle the mission once, and begin their pre-scheduled 7500-mile flight back to their home city of Goya, Argentina. They will have spent 7 months at the mission,Continue reading “We Have Our Own ‘Homing Device’”

The Truly Consecrated Christian

True consecration and oneness with Jesus is not earmarked by some mystical — other-worldly — experience where the believer ceases to have active participation in the life of the earth. It’s best understood as a believer continuing to have his feet firmly planted on this earth and actively participating in the life being lived onContinue reading “The Truly Consecrated Christian”

Lenten Poems — week 4

Nathaniel’s Answer Nathaniel was a man who knew no guile. He walked with Jesus, loved Him all the while. When first he heard His name, a question posed But waited ’til the answer was disclosed. “From Nazareth can any good come forth?” He asked of those who knew that city’s worth. He asked for meditation,Continue reading “Lenten Poems — week 4”

Having Church at Home Today

Our roads were way too icy to get out and go to church this morning. My church is about 30 miles from my house, and if I could have gotten to the major highway that is part of my route, I’m sure it would have been clear. Unfortunately my own road and the other localContinue reading “Having Church at Home Today”