There Is A Cure

The truth of Jesus Christ’s complete redemption can be told in any form. In this post I’ve set God’s truth into Cinquain — one of my favorite poetic forms. Virus: To lots of folks It is a scary word. But there’s a name that can kill it: Jesus! Disease By any name. Must bow toContinue reading “There Is A Cure”

Rain Poems

It’s been raining here for two whole days, so I thought it was only fitting that I write about rain. Since I’m in a poetic mood, I decided I’d give myself a little workout and do one haiku, one cinquain, and one simple iambic pentameter verse about that subject. HAIKU Everything is gray. Rain hangingContinue reading “Rain Poems”

Cinquain: Just Do It

Written in response to a couple friends of mine who have said for almost a year that they’ve thought about trying to write cinquain, but they won’t even make a start. They find it fascinating, but seem to be afraid of it. They have this false idea that because they need to count syllables, theyContinue reading “Cinquain: Just Do It”

Stepping Through The Door — Cinquain

I wrote this piece for my poetry site, but decided I’d share it here as well. Portals Wait before me. I stand before closed doors But do not let that hinder me: “Open!” Behold, The doors obeyed. And now I stand in awe. I see what possibilities Await. So now I must decide: Will IContinue reading “Stepping Through The Door — Cinquain”

Three Autumn Cinquain: I’m So Ready

I’m tired Of summer heat. I say this ev’ry year: Fall is the only perfect time Of year. Autumn Is close now. I hear the crickets sing. And leaves are falling one by one. Can’t wait. Seasons Come and go. And I appreciate All of them, but none so much as Autumn. Thanks so muchContinue reading “Three Autumn Cinquain: I’m So Ready”

Two Cinquain Just For Fun

I haven’t written any cinquain in several months. That’s not like me at all, so I decided I’d remedy that situation today and write two.   Faulty Garden Zenias I planted some, And nice green stems came up. But months have passed and still no blooms. What’s wrong???   Closing In On Christmas August HasContinue reading “Two Cinquain Just For Fun”

Noel Cinquain – Day 7

Noel. Light up the tree. Hang strands of brilliant glow. Let your light shine to tell the world Noel!   This post completes the’ Seven Days of Noel Cinquain.’  Hope you’ve enjoyed them.     photo courtesy of Geralt @     ~~~