Love & Marriage


Today would be my mom and dad’s 75th wedding anniversary — if they were still on this earth. They were very much in love their whole lives, and my sister and I benefited from their love because it made them terrific parents. I’m dedicating this little cinquain to them.

It takes a lot
Of effort and good will,
And love that puts another first.
Quite rare.

But two
People I know
Invested selflessly
In two becoming one with great


3 thoughts on “Love & Marriage

  1. The cinquain is so appropriate for any number of years but great honor and remembrance of 75 years. You sure resemble your mother!

  2. Doubt we will make 75 years, but next month will be 58 years. I would be almost 95. Doubt I’ll be make it, but, we have a man in our church who is 103 today. His twin sister is also alive up in Michigan. Wow!

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