Irresistible Invitation

I was watching an art tutorial the other day, and the artist shared about something she had learned from a life coach that had changed her life for the good. It was the concept of determining what you give your time and energy to by always “focusing on what sparks joy.” The concept found aContinue reading “Irresistible Invitation”

In Love With Love?

I was rambling through my archives today and came across this poem. Thought I’d give it a fresh airing — just ’cause I like it. Oh, I wish I were in love. How I love to be in love! It’s so great to be in love — Until you’re dumped. Oh, but love is soContinue reading “In Love With Love?”

Friday Fictioneers 7.28.17: “Love On The Line # 2”

This week’s Friday Fictioneers picture prompt reminded me of a delightful and heart-melting true story that I read about several years ago. It took place during WWII, and involved a real U. S. serviceman, the woman who was the love of his life, and a tender-hearted, romantic telephone operator. I was so touched by theContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers 7.28.17: “Love On The Line # 2””

Love Qualms? – Daily Post Prompt

  Got any qualms about falling in love? Well, take it from me – an old lady. There’s just nothing like it when it’s the real thing. It’s super, and I don’t mean maybe. If you and your mate share a genuine love — The kind that puts each other first — It makes allContinue reading “Love Qualms? – Daily Post Prompt”

It’s So Great to Be in Love?

Oh, I wish I were in love. How I love to be in love! It’s so great to be in love — Until you’re dumped. Oh, but love is so exciting, With emotions all igniting, In the favored one delighting — ‘Til you’re dumped. I believed in sweet romance, Loving arms in which to dance,Continue reading “It’s So Great to Be in Love?”

The Scent of You – Daily Post Prompt

The scent of you — When first I wake to greet the day — The warm, intoxicating pleasure of your fragrance touch: It triggers tiny conflagrations deep inside of me That spark a thousand more responses and then rush To touch my mind. And then my senses come alive — Each one:  to taste, toContinue reading “The Scent of You – Daily Post Prompt”

Daily Post Prompt: Cusp

THE CROOKED CUSP OF LOVE I was just on the cusp of deciding When everything went so awry. How could they be so hateful to me? I can’t do a thing now but cry. I’d dated Sebastian on Mondays, And Thursdays were his days as well. Then Trevor had Wednesdays and Fridays, And Raymond thoughtContinue reading “Daily Post Prompt: Cusp”

How Do I Love Thee? I Don’t Have a Clue

How do I love thee? Frankly, I don’t know. Your aggravating habits are extreme. You wear on my patience, Need forgiveness daily, Sometimes, I’d like to pull my hair and scream. How do I love thee? It is a mystery. That I should feel the least bit of romance. Each time I’m with you IContinue reading “How Do I Love Thee? I Don’t Have a Clue”

Daily Post Prompt: I Have a Lovely Rhythm in My Bones

` I have a lovely rhythm in my bones. It’s sort of soft and groovy, and beguiling. I’m in the mood for waltzing over stones, And even if I fell, I’d come up smiling. It’s now becoming kind of quick and quirky – This rhythm – as it runs throughout my soul. My feet areContinue reading “Daily Post Prompt: I Have a Lovely Rhythm in My Bones”


` I can’t help it. I just HAVE to revisit my “Irreverent Valentine Sentiments” from three years ago.   IRREVERENT VALENTINE SENTIMENT # 1   ~ IRREVERENT VALENTINE SENTIMENT # 2 “Baby, I ain’t askin’ much of you. Just a big-a, big-a hunk of love will do.” Never sing these words aloud when standing outContinue reading “IRREVERENT VALENTINE SENTIMENTS ~ RE-RUN”

Prompt Nights: Valentine’s Day Special

Well, it’s only natural that the topic for this week should be “love.”  I decided to offer up one serious piece and one not-so-serious (make that totally irreverent) piece. I’m sure you’ll be able to decide which is which. And you might as well hop over to “A Dash of Sunny” and take part inContinue reading “Prompt Nights: Valentine’s Day Special”

Daily Post Prompt: The Scent of You

  The scent of you: It calls me from my worried place And draws me into quiet peace As your essence gently folds Around my soul. The scent of you: It fills my senses with delight And stirs the embers of desire Into a lavish, living fire That satisfies. The scent of you: It causesContinue reading “Daily Post Prompt: The Scent of You”