Laughter Is Good Medicine — Day 2

THE FOOT TEST I know in this old world, it’s sad, but true: Emotional relationships can fail. And marriages, though formerly ’til death, Now change as fast as color on the nails. But I’m convinced our troth will still endure. I’m sure of you as you are sure of me. I know because we’re comfortableContinue reading “Laughter Is Good Medicine — Day 2”

Sometimes Nonsense Is Good for the Soul

Lemons Can Be Beneficial to Your Marriage I cut up a lemon and ate it. The peel I did wash and then grate it; Added it to hors d’oeuvres. But it got on my nerves: I was still puckered up four hours later. So my hubby said, “Let’s do some kissin’, ‘Cause, for sure, someContinue reading “Sometimes Nonsense Is Good for the Soul”

Loraine In Love

This little limerick is to make up for my more depressing 100-word story earlier today. Whew!  Glad I’m out of that mood. LORAINE IN LOVE There once was a girl named Loraine Who was wild for engineers of trains. They could be short or tall; She just loved them all; Having one for her ownContinue reading “Loraine In Love”

‘It’s All About Feet’ – for NaPoWriMo, 2015 – Day 4

Nothing’s impossible, right?  The folks over at NaPoWriMo believe that because today they have asked us to write a Love poem without using the word “love” or any of the hearts, flowers, or cliches that generally go along with that word.  (Deep breath)  Okey-dokey.  I’ll give it a try. To join in the fun, followContinue reading “‘It’s All About Feet’ – for NaPoWriMo, 2015 – Day 4”

Writing 201: Poetry – Day 8 — Ode To Grandmother’s Engagement Ring

Today’s Prompt: Drawer. Assignment. Write an ode based on this prompt, using the technique of apostrophe. Okey-Dokey. Ode To Grandmother’s Engagement Ring Delicate band of gold, Crested with a tiny crown of diamond, Snuggled safely ‘neath sweet-scented hankies, In the top drawer of my Grandmom’s chest. Though your jewel is tiny, It sparkles with aContinue reading “Writing 201: Poetry – Day 8 — Ode To Grandmother’s Engagement Ring”

Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 4

Are you ready to grin, giggle, or just feel good?  That’s what this little challenge is all about. We share posts that are happy, light-hearted, funny, or downright hilarious. Make it prose, poetry, picture, graphic art, a joke, a song, a video ……. Whatever your heart desires. Post on your own blog and hop overContinue reading “Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 4”

Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 3 — ‘The Way to a Woman’s Heart’

Okay, it’s Tuesday again, folks, and time for “Tickle Me Tuesday.” If you want to play along, just post a funny, light-hearted, or downright hilarious story, poem, picture, joke, or non-fiction piece on your own blog. Hop over here and paste the link to your own post in the “Comments” section on this post (anyContinue reading “Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 3 — ‘The Way to a Woman’s Heart’”

Of bachelors, spinsters, and wasting time on ridiculous questions . . .

For some reason — and I have no idea what that reason is — my mind has been grappling this morning with a bemusing question. The dictionary definition of the word spinster is as follows: An unmarried woman of gentle family; a woman who has never married, especially one past the “usual” age of marrying. TheContinue reading “Of bachelors, spinsters, and wasting time on ridiculous questions . . .”

Five-Sentence Fiction – ‘Anticipation’

I’ve been forgetting to try the 5-Sentence Fiction challenge the last couple of weeks. And I’m almost too late this time around. The  page says I have only about 3 hours left. The prompt this week is “Marriage,” and since I’m watching the clock, I ran to my poetry file because I remembered a poemContinue reading “Five-Sentence Fiction – ‘Anticipation’”

Friday Fictioneers – 5/23/14 – ‘The Fork in the Road’

  The prompt for this week’s Friday Fictioneers 100-Word Story is the photo below: Copyright: Erin Leary.  Hop over to Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields’ site and learn how to get involved and share your own story. My story’s below the picture.   THE FORK IN THE ROAD Kelsey drove along the fence, ignoring it, his thoughts battling.Continue reading “Friday Fictioneers – 5/23/14 – ‘The Fork in the Road’”

Friday Fictioneers – 12/13/13 – ‘Anthropology 101’

I feel as if I’ve been darting in and out of Friday Fictioneers lately, but it’s such fun that I don’t want to miss unless I have to. This week I managed to cook up a little something, so you’ll find my story below Adam Ickes’ interesting picture. Jump over to Rochelle’s blog to checkContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers – 12/13/13 – ‘Anthropology 101’”

Friday Fictioneers – 5/17/13 — ‘Albert’s Wife’

Photo by Sarah Hall   Albert’s Wife The estate still boasted its artistic iron fence and stone posts, although the grasses were encroaching. Trevor smiled. How the old lady would chastise that gardener. Feisty, courageous old girl! Living alone in the home Albert had built her. Married here on a Sunday, by Tuesday, she’d kissedContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers – 5/17/13 — ‘Albert’s Wife’”