Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 3 — ‘The Way to a Woman’s Heart’

Okay, it’s Tuesday again, folks, and time for “Tickle Me Tuesday.” If you want to play along, just post a funny, light-hearted, or downright hilarious story, poem, picture, joke, or non-fiction piece on your own blog. Hop over here and paste the link to your own post in the “Comments” section on this post (any time this week). Then we’ll come over and enjoy yours as well. Remember my site is for general audiences, but that’s the only rule you have to follow.

Here’s my cute (I hope) little story told in a series of limericks.


BAKER WITH ICINGNow, Henry the baker was shy.
But he wanted to marry Miss Fry.
So with icing he wrote
On her cake this brave note:
“If you’ll have me, then I am your guy.”

But Miss Fry was too shy to say β€œyes.”
So that still left poor Henry a mess.
But he baked some eclairs
To show how much he cared
And delivered them to her address.

Now this courting went on for a year.
And each day Henry thought her more dear.
Though she gained fifty pounds,
In the end she came ’round,
And their wedding day, at last, is here.


7 thoughts on “Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 3 — ‘The Way to a Woman’s Heart’

      1. I was actually a chef once but was ill and cannot work under kitchen humidity… baking etc was what I wanted to do… I still enjoy cooking.. I bet you wanted to know that.. heehee!

        1. Hey, I did want to know that. I love learning new things about my friends.

          I used to love to cook, but since my husband went to be with the Lord several years ago, I just can’t seem to get energetic about cooking much just for me. I tend to go with more pre-packaged or partially ready items these days, and trying to shuffle three jobs puts me in a position of needing to eat out often too.

          But I love talking to people who are chefs and who have chosen that career. I once interviewed (for the newspaper) a 15-year-old boy who loved cooking and who planned on becoming a chef. He watched all the cooking shows on TV and even managed to attend one of Emeril Lagasse’s shows and meet him. He was one of the most enjoyable interviews I’ve ever done.

          My sister visits Paris every summer that she can, and this summer, she is going to enroll in a cooking class to learn how to do breads and pastries the Parisian way. She’s really looking forward to it.

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