Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 9

CARTOON MAN LYING DOWN LAUGHING 2Today is the final “Tickle Me Tuesday” post. It’s been a lot of fun for me and, I think, for a few other folks.  If you have something you’d like to share for this week — it can be ordinarily funny, outrageously hilarious, or just downright happy — post it onto your own blog and then come over here and paste the link into the “Comments” window below. Just make sure it’s fit for general audiences, and you don’t have to worry about any other rules. Feel free to post something for this last week at any time.


evolution money - edited

Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 8 — ‘Me and My TV’

CARTOON MAN LYING DOWN LAUGHING 2Join the fun. Make us laugh — or chuckle — or at least snicker. Give us your idea of what turns over the ‘tickle-box.’  It can be a picture, a story, a poem, a joke, a song, anything you’re in the mood for — as long as it’s fit for general audiences.

Just post on your own site and come over here and paste the link into the “Comments” box below.

Here’s mine:BOY & TVMom says I watch too much TV.
And if I do not change,
My body will quite chubby be,
And I’ll have sluggish brains.

She tells me that I need to read,
Study science and math,
And that I need to exercise,
Run up and down the path.

I’d like to make her smile at me
To please her I don’t mind.
But day and night my programs air;
I just have no free time!

But I have promised I will do
My best – some day – she’ll see.
As soon as I have finished with
My programs on TV.

Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 7 — I just have to do a second one

CARTOON MAN LYING DOWN LAUGHING 2Can’t help it. I just have to do a second post for this week’s “Tickle Me Tuesday.” This little limerick story just came to me, and I do hate to keep it to myself. (If you want to participate in “Tickle Me Tuesday,” just follow the link for instructions.)



I just can’t get over her hair.
Such a fright everyone has to stare.
She discovered online
That two raw eggs and wine
Would give luster beyond all compare.

So she mixed up the potion exact,
With a pinch of vanilla extract,
Now she smells nice and sweet,
But the eggs, they got beat
When her hair dryer got in the act.

So she’s walking around everywhere
With scrambled eggs now in her hair.
A good lesson she’s learned:
That a girl could get burned.
So with online advice, just BEWARE!


Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 7

CARTOON MAN LYING DOWN LAUGHING 2It’s “Tickle Me Tuesday” time again. I’ll be running this invitational through March, so there are only two weeks left after today. So if you have any little tidbit that causes a chuckle, a grin, or a belly laugh, you really should share it with us. Post your story, poem, song, joke, picture, or video on your own site and come over here and paste the link to your post in the “Comments” box below. Only two things you need to do: make your post something lighthearted or funny and make it safe for general audiences to enjoy. My offering is below:


A Vessel of Sterling

While browsing antique shops, I made a great find!
Unearthed a rare treasure. Never saw one in kind.

An elegant bowl, with a handle and lid;
Beneath so much tarnish, it’s true beauty hid.

Though black with the ages, I hugged it to me;
I paid the man gladly and danced home with glee.

Polished and rubbed to a radiant glow,
On party buffet my prize purchase would show.

It gleamed and it glowed, holding punch the next day,
When – horror of horrors – I heard a guest say:

“Heaven help us! Is this the best silver you’ve got?
I’ll not drink my punch from an old chamber pot!”


Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 5 — ‘The Tale of the Pretty Kitty’

CARTOON MAN LYING DOWN LAUGHING 2Here we are again folks: Tuesday. And it’s time for you-know-what: That’s right — ‘Tickle Me Tuesday.’ If you aren’t familiar with this invitational series, here’s how it works. To join in the fun, just post (on your own blog) a picture, a poem, a quote, a story, a graphic, or anything else that’s lighthearted or downright hilarious. Then hop over here and leave us the link to your post in the “Comments” box below. You can post today or any day between now and next Tuesday. No other rules — except to remember that this blog is for general audiences.

I decided to recycle an older poem for this week. I like to go back into the archives and dig out the dusty stuff, shine it up, and sit it out for company to enjoy. So I hope you enjoy reading this little tale as much as I enjoyed writing it originally.

Striped_skunk (1)The Tale of the Pretty Kitty

Mary Lou was very pretty,
And she had a pretty kitty.
It was black with one white stripe,
And of its smell her folks would gripe.

But Mary Lou just loved her pet,
So it was with such great regret
That she agreed to have him fixed,
And have his smell completely nixed.

Now, sad but true the kitty died,
And Mary Lou, how she did cry.
But every night in spirit form
Her kitty did come back to home.

Poor Mom and Dad could not explain,
The smell that came each night again,
But Mary was content to know
Her white-striped pet still loved her so.


Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 4

CARTOON MAN LYING DOWN LAUGHING 2Are you ready to grin, giggle, or just feel good?  That’s what this little challenge is all about. We share posts that are happy, light-hearted, funny, or downright hilarious. Make it prose, poetry, picture, graphic art, a joke, a song, a video ……. Whatever your heart desires. Post on your own blog and hop over here and paste your link into the “Comments” box so we can visit your site and grin, giggle, and feel good with you. Just please remember the site is for general audiences.

Here’s my contribution this week. I sneaked into Life Is Worth Living by Vera Faye Wallace (my mom) and snatched this little ditty.



I really thought the thing to do

Was to teach my wife in driving.

But, on second thought, I’m asking you;

I know you love skydiving!



Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 3 — ‘The Way to a Woman’s Heart’

Okay, it’s Tuesday again, folks, and time for “Tickle Me Tuesday.” If you want to play along, just post a funny, light-hearted, or downright hilarious story, poem, picture, joke, or non-fiction piece on your own blog. Hop over here and paste the link to your own post in the “Comments” section on this post (any time this week). Then we’ll come over and enjoy yours as well. Remember my site is for general audiences, but that’s the only rule you have to follow.

Here’s my cute (I hope) little story told in a series of limericks.


BAKER WITH ICINGNow, Henry the baker was shy.
But he wanted to marry Miss Fry.
So with icing he wrote
On her cake this brave note:
“If you’ll have me, then I am your guy.”

But Miss Fry was too shy to say “yes.”
So that still left poor Henry a mess.
But he baked some eclairs
To show how much he cared
And delivered them to her address.

Now this courting went on for a year.
And each day Henry thought her more dear.
Though she gained fifty pounds,
In the end she came ’round,
And their wedding day, at last, is here.


Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 2

CARTOON MAN LYING DOWN LAUGHING 2I’m later than I hoped getting this up, but last night was so busy, I just had to wait until morning. As a teacher, this video hits home, and the strategy of this grandmother is ingeniously funny.

Remember, the rules for participating are simple:
Just post something funny, light-hearted, or hilarious on your own blog.
Then hop over here to my post for that week and paste the link to yours in a “Comment” Box.
And please remember my blog is for general audiences.


Tickle Me Tuesday — Brand New Weekly Challenge

CARTOON MAN LYING DOWN LAUGHING 2Yippee!  I am beginning a brand new weekly challenge today. It’s called “Tickle Me Tuesday,” and it’s dedicated to nothing but fun.  Here’s how you take part:

Every Tuesday, post a funny, light-hearted, or downright hilarious piece —- it can be a story, a poem, a song, a joke, a photo, or graphic art —– and then hop over to my post for that day and put the link to yours in the “Comment” box.  (If you miss posting yours exactly on Tuesday, any day before the next Tuesday is okay.)

I’ll try to be sure and get mine up by 10:00 the night before for the sake of my European and Middle-Eastern friends who want to participate. That’s all there is to it, except to remind everyone that my blog is for General Audiences.

Here’s my little offering for the first week:





(Two 7-year-old boys in 3003 A.D., looking through an old family picture album.)

“Hey, what’s that thing?”

“I don’t know. What do you think it is?”

Shaking his head: “Never saw anything like it in my whole life.”

“Well, I heard my mom tellin’ somebody that my great-great-great grandpa specialized in installing these in people’s houses. She said absolutely everybody had one back in those days, and most people had at least two in their houses.”

“But what did they do with them?”

“I don’t know. Yesterday, when I came in from school, mom was going through this album with my sister and tellin’ her what things had been used for, but I was in a hurry to go upstairs and use the waste eliminator, so I didn’t stick around to hear what all she said. ‘Cause, you know, when you have to go, you have to go. But people sure did use some funny-lookin’ things back then, didn’t they?”

“Hey, I bet I know what it is! I saw a really old movie once where people were walking in a park, and there was this big concrete stand with a round bowl on top of it. There was a hole in the middle of the bowl. And see, there’s a hole in the middle of this bowl. Anyway, there was a little silver handle on the side, and when they turned that handle, it made water come bubblin’ up right out of the middle of that bowl, and the people leaned over and got a drink. My Uncle Harvey said those used to be called drinking fountains. I’ll betcha this is a drinking fountain people kept inside their house.”

“Yeah! And that little silver handle there is what they turned to get the water to bubble up so they could get a drink.”

“Must have been fun.”

“Yeah boy! I sure wish I could try it.”