Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 7

CARTOON MAN LYING DOWN LAUGHING 2It’s “Tickle Me Tuesday” time again. I’ll be running this invitational through March, so there are only two weeks left after today. So if you have any little tidbit that causes a chuckle, a grin, or a belly laugh, you really should share it with us. Post your story, poem, song, joke, picture, or video on your own site and come over here and paste the link to your post in the “Comments” box below. Only two things you need to do: make your post something lighthearted or funny and make it safe for general audiences to enjoy. My offering is below:


A Vessel of Sterling

While browsing antique shops, I made a great find!
Unearthed a rare treasure. Never saw one in kind.

An elegant bowl, with a handle and lid;
Beneath so much tarnish, it’s true beauty hid.

Though black with the ages, I hugged it to me;
I paid the man gladly and danced home with glee.

Polished and rubbed to a radiant glow,
On party buffet my prize purchase would show.

It gleamed and it glowed, holding punch the next day,
When – horror of horrors – I heard a guest say:

“Heaven help us! Is this the best silver you’ve got?
I’ll not drink my punch from an old chamber pot!”


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