Tickle Me Tuesday — Brand New Weekly Challenge

CARTOON MAN LYING DOWN LAUGHING 2Yippee!  I am beginning a brand new weekly challenge today. It’s called “Tickle Me Tuesday,” and it’s dedicated to nothing but fun.  Here’s how you take part:

Every Tuesday, post a funny, light-hearted, or downright hilarious piece —- it can be a story, a poem, a song, a joke, a photo, or graphic art —– and then hop over to my post for that day and put the link to yours in the “Comment” box.  (If you miss posting yours exactly on Tuesday, any day before the next Tuesday is okay.)

I’ll try to be sure and get mine up by 10:00 the night before for the sake of my European and Middle-Eastern friends who want to participate. That’s all there is to it, except to remind everyone that my blog is for General Audiences.

Here’s my little offering for the first week:





(Two 7-year-old boys in 3003 A.D., looking through an old family picture album.)

“Hey, what’s that thing?”

“I don’t know. What do you think it is?”

Shaking his head: “Never saw anything like it in my whole life.”

“Well, I heard my mom tellin’ somebody that my great-great-great grandpa specialized in installing these in people’s houses. She said absolutely everybody had one back in those days, and most people had at least two in their houses.”

“But what did they do with them?”

“I don’t know. Yesterday, when I came in from school, mom was going through this album with my sister and tellin’ her what things had been used for, but I was in a hurry to go upstairs and use the waste eliminator, so I didn’t stick around to hear what all she said. ‘Cause, you know, when you have to go, you have to go. But people sure did use some funny-lookin’ things back then, didn’t they?”

“Hey, I bet I know what it is! I saw a really old movie once where people were walking in a park, and there was this big concrete stand with a round bowl on top of it. There was a hole in the middle of the bowl. And see, there’s a hole in the middle of this bowl. Anyway, there was a little silver handle on the side, and when they turned that handle, it made water come bubblin’ up right out of the middle of that bowl, and the people leaned over and got a drink. My Uncle Harvey said those used to be called drinking fountains. I’ll betcha this is a drinking fountain people kept inside their house.”

“Yeah! And that little silver handle there is what they turned to get the water to bubble up so they could get a drink.”

“Must have been fun.”

“Yeah boy! I sure wish I could try it.”



6 thoughts on “Tickle Me Tuesday — Brand New Weekly Challenge

    1. I hope you can post something some of the weeks. Remember, you don’t have to write for this one. You can post pictures, jokes, or graphic art if you don’t have time to write a story or poem. But as good as you are at haiku, I bet you could come up with some funny haiku for next Tuesday.

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