Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 5 — ‘The Tale of the Pretty Kitty’

CARTOON MAN LYING DOWN LAUGHING 2Here we are again folks: Tuesday. And it’s time for you-know-what: That’s right — ‘Tickle Me Tuesday.’ If you aren’t familiar with this invitational series, here’s how it works. To join in the fun, just post (on your own blog) a picture, a poem, a quote, a story, a graphic, or anything else that’s lighthearted or downright hilarious. Then hop over here and leave us the link to your post in the “Comments” box below. You can post today or any day between now and next Tuesday. No other rules — except to remember that this blog is for general audiences.

I decided to recycle an older poem for this week. I like to go back into the archives and dig out the dusty stuff, shine it up, and sit it out for company to enjoy. So I hope you enjoy reading this little tale as much as I enjoyed writing it originally.

Striped_skunk (1)The Tale of the Pretty Kitty

Mary Lou was very pretty,
And she had a pretty kitty.
It was black with one white stripe,
And of its smell her folks would gripe.

But Mary Lou just loved her pet,
So it was with such great regret
That she agreed to have him fixed,
And have his smell completely nixed.

Now, sad but true the kitty died,
And Mary Lou, how she did cry.
But every night in spirit form
Her kitty did come back to home.

Poor Mom and Dad could not explain,
The smell that came each night again,
But Mary was content to know
Her white-striped pet still loved her so.



4 thoughts on “Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 5 — ‘The Tale of the Pretty Kitty’

  1. That is pretty weird Sandra, you having a picture etc of a skunk, my daughters college assignment this week she chose skunk, she has also been taking one for a walk at her college…

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