Love in Ten Sentences

There’s a new challenge going around our little WordPress family that’s all about love. Three of my blogging friends have made me aware of it, and two of them have specifically suggested that I should take part. So how can I say no — especially when I shout so loudly from my header that I “love” words. Anyway the three ladies whose blogs introduced me to the challenge are Gilly at Lucid Gypsy, Jane, at Making it write, and Terry at Through the Lens of My Life. Thanks to those ladies for wanting to share the love.

I think the challenge originally included nominating others to take part, but I’m not going to put any of you on the spot and cause you to feel obligated. (That’s why I no longer participate in blog awards that have rules.)   But I do encourage any of you readers who like challenges to jump in and share your own thoughts on love. The rules are that you use ten sentences, but each sentence must contain only four words, including the word love. The 2nd step is to include a favorite quote about love.

Now, I confess that I broke the rules, because I used 11 sentences (Lines 7 and 8 make up the same sentence, and I have one extra.)  But, you see, I had this little poem going, and I needed the extra sentence to make it come out just right. So maybe I broke the law, but I also shared a little extra love.

SMILEY HEART SHAPEDHere’s my little love ditty:

Love is a giggle.

Love is a sigh.

Love makes you wiggle.

Love makes you high.

Lovin’ makes me hungry.

Lovin’ makes me glad.

When love is unfaithful,

Love makes me mad.

Love’s not for wimps.

Love’s for the bold.

Love’s good when young.

Love’s better when old.

♥   ♥   ♥

One of my favorite quotes about love:

“Many waters cannot quench love. Neither can the floods drown it.”
Song of Solomon 8:7


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