First Coffee Post of the Year

It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t celebrate the new year with a coffee post. And, then, since chocolate runs a very, very close second to coffee as my favorite treat, I figured I should include both. So I decided I’d stay in my limerick vein another day, and this is what I cameContinue reading “First Coffee Post of the Year”

3 Little Limericks to Lighten Your Day

  BECOMING AN ABSTRACT ARTIST Though he painted quite well, no sales came.He slaved o’er each piece; what a shame.Then one day he did trip,And his paintbrush did slip.The results brought his name to great fame.   TRYING TOO HARD Lester begged for a date with Miss Rose.She was tall, so he stretched to tiptoes.ButContinue reading “3 Little Limericks to Lighten Your Day”

Down Limerick Lane

I just got to thinking about limericks today and decided I’d gather up several that I’ve offered on here over the past couple years and toss them together for a fun re-post. THE WAY TO A WOMAN’S HEART Now, Henry the baker was shy. But he wanted to marry Miss Fry. So with icing heContinue reading “Down Limerick Lane”


  Nathaniel was feeling quite blue. To his Darling, he’d been quite untrue. Though he hadn’t been caught, With his conscience he fought, And was trying to think what to do. He could keep it a secret from her. If she questioned him, maybe defer. But if someone else told — Some old gossip quite bold —Continue reading “Leg-Shackled”

Sometimes Nonsense Is Good for the Soul

Lemons Can Be Beneficial to Your Marriage I cut up a lemon and ate it. The peel I did wash and then grate it; Added it to hors d’oeuvres. But it got on my nerves: I was still puckered up four hours later. So my hubby said, “Let’s do some kissin’, ‘Cause, for sure, someContinue reading “Sometimes Nonsense Is Good for the Soul”

Loraine In Love

This little limerick is to make up for my more depressing 100-word story earlier today. Whew!  Glad I’m out of that mood. LORAINE IN LOVE There once was a girl named Loraine Who was wild for engineers of trains. They could be short or tall; She just loved them all; Having one for her ownContinue reading “Loraine In Love”

Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 7 — I just have to do a second one

Can’t help it. I just have to do a second post for this week’s “Tickle Me Tuesday.” This little limerick story just came to me, and I do hate to keep it to myself. (If you want to participate in “Tickle Me Tuesday,” just follow the link for instructions.) ` Egg-Head I just can’t getContinue reading “Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 7 — I just have to do a second one”

Writing 201: Poetry – Day 2 — ‘Escape’

This is day 2 of the ‘Writing 201:Poetry’ course. Our prompt today is the word “journey.” Our form is the limerick. And our suggested poetic devise is alliteration. I used three limericks to tell the story of a journey, and I did manage to throw in a bit of alliteration for good measure. Hope youContinue reading “Writing 201: Poetry – Day 2 — ‘Escape’”

Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 3 — ‘The Way to a Woman’s Heart’

Okay, it’s Tuesday again, folks, and time for “Tickle Me Tuesday.” If you want to play along, just post a funny, light-hearted, or downright hilarious story, poem, picture, joke, or non-fiction piece on your own blog. Hop over here and paste the link to your own post in the “Comments” section on this post (anyContinue reading “Tickle Me Tuesday – Week 3 — ‘The Way to a Woman’s Heart’”

Limerick Writing Challenge – 10/26/14

Since I’m teaching a Writing Poetry class this term, I have, naturally, been thinking about how many different kinds of poems there are. And today I got to thinking about limericks. We all know pretty much what a limerick is: A poem generally written in fun, which has 5 lines of anapestic meter (da-da-dum  da-da-Continue reading “Limerick Writing Challenge – 10/26/14”