A Weighty Problem

There was a young  fat guy named Jim
Who longed to be handsome and slim.
But Jim loved to eat:
Three square meals, loads of treats.
So weight loss for Jim looked quite grim.

But one day the new girl in town
Looked him over and gave him a frown.
Poor ol’ Jim was in love,
And when push came to shove,
He determined to get his weight down.

He refused all desserts and all treats;
Spent ten months at the gym down the street.
He jogged, and he ran;
He followed the plan,
‘Til finally he turned out quite sleek.

So in his new suit and fine hat,
He stood on the girl’s “Welcome” mat.
When she came to the door,
Poor ol’ Jim hit the floor.
She had grown quite disgustingly fat.


7 thoughts on “A Weighty Problem

    1. Thank you, Gilly. To be totally honest, I was actually sitting there putting off doing the work I was supposed to be doing. I had been putting it off ever since the previous day. So I decided to try to write a new limerick, and then I wouldn’t feel quite so guilty because I’d actually have something to show for my time.

    1. Thank you, Dennis. It was another one of those days when I didn’t want to do the work I was really supposed to be doing. So I wrote a poem instead. I still feel guilty, but since I do have something to show for the day, my guilt isn’t as bad as it would have been without the poem.

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