Limerick Writing Challenge – 10/26/14

PLMBER2 - dumb plumber
Since I’m teaching a Writing Poetry class this term, I have, naturally, been thinking about how many different kinds of poems there are. And today I got to thinking about limericks. We all know pretty much what a limerick is: A poem generally written in fun, which has 5 lines of anapestic meter (da-da-dum  da-da- dum  da-da-dum) and with a rhyme scheme of AABBA.  The first, second, and last lines generally have 3 feet of anapestic meter, and the third and fourth generally have two feet.

In the early beginnings of limericks, according to history, most of the themes were fairly absurd and often bawdy or naughty. However, most of us are familiar with lots of limericks that are just good, clean fun.

So, bearing in mind that this site is a G-rated site, I’d like to invite everyone out there to write a limerick — or 2 or 3 — and share them with us. They can be on any subject.

Please post your limericks on your own blog and hop back over here to post the link to them in the ‘Comments’ section below. That way everyone else can find them as well.  We’ll keep this challenge open until midnight next Sunday, November 2, 2014 (central standard time, USA).

I generally comment on your own site after reading your submissions, rather than replying to your comments on my page.

Below is one of my own limericks to get us started:


There once was a girl, name of Summer
Who fell madly in love with her plumber
And each day down her drains
Shoved ridiculous things,
But he never caught on. What a bummer.



15 thoughts on “Limerick Writing Challenge – 10/26/14

  1. Several years ago I wrote a blog article posing the question, “Can limericks be serious?” I love your take on the courtship of a plumber here. We can read it without having to blush after the final line. Well done. Dave.

  2. That was fun – if a little challenging! I find I get to line 4 fairly easily, but the final one is a real challenge! Not sure how well my attempts scan though!

  3. When writing a short limerick
    Think slowly, try not to be thick
    Craft nouns and then verbs
    Don’t smoke any herbs
    And results will appear really quick (ly)

    (can’t have a limerick that obeys grammer rules!)

    1. I agree. Who needs rules when you have limericks? Besides, as I tell my writing students, journalistic license can be your best friend. (Of course, for my students, I insist that every time they break a rule they have to be able to tell me which rule they broke and then tell me why they think their work is better by breaking it.)

      I like this. Thanks for taking part.

    1. Good. Join in anytime. Even though midnight Sunday night is “technically” the close of the challenge, you can post your link to your limerick any time. I’ve even posted things late for my own challenges in the past.

      1. I work much of this weekend, so that’s good to know! I’ve been writing a lot of serious material lately; it’ll be good to have a bit of a humourous reprieve for myself as well as my readers.

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