House of Flawed Flowers — Friday Fictioneers 6/5/19

I haven’t played “Friday Fictioneers” in a long time, but today when I saw the picture I couldn’t help myself. I take no responsibility for the subject matter. It was the jacket hanging on the end of the banister that did it. Honestly — I couldn’t help it.  🙂  And the weirdest thing is thatContinue reading “House of Flawed Flowers — Friday Fictioneers 6/5/19”

New Writing Challenge: Write a Story Using Nothing But Dialogue

Okey-dokey, folks, it’s time for a fresh writing challenge. I’ve been doing this exercise with some of my creative writing students to help them get a better grip on using dialogue creatively and successfully in their stories. It’s a challenge for sure, but it’s lots of fun. So here’s the only rule. Write a shortContinue reading “New Writing Challenge: Write a Story Using Nothing But Dialogue”

‘Tell Me A Story’ Writing Challenge 9/19/18

Anybody got a story about this lonely gate to . . . somewhere? . . . anywhere? . . . nowhere? . . . Wherever your imagination takes you. If you’re in the mood for a writing challenge, create a new story from this photo by Terry Valley. Try to keep it around 500-800 words,Continue reading “‘Tell Me A Story’ Writing Challenge 9/19/18”

Prompt Nights – Poems of Healing

I hadn’t heard about the “Prompt Nights” writing challenge until this week. And when I saw the current prompt, I couldn’t resist taking part — since ministry in the area of healing is one of the things I do most. So I’m sharing a poem I actually wrote a few years go, but it fits thisContinue reading “Prompt Nights – Poems of Healing”

30 Words From ‘Thermostat’

I’m taking up the challenge to see how many words I can get out of the word ‘Thermostat’ in 2 minutes. My list is below. (And remember: if you’re taking part in the challenge, no fair reading my list until you’ve written your own.) the them most that treat test tat sat set some sameContinue reading “30 Words From ‘Thermostat’”

How Many Words Can You Make From The Word ‘Thermostat’?

Hey, how about a new kind of writing challenge for the new year?  It doesn’t require you to write a whole story, but it does put your brain to work. This challenge will force you to stretch your thinking muscles, be a little creative, and dig down deep into your vocabulary reservoir. Set a timerContinue reading “How Many Words Can You Make From The Word ‘Thermostat’?”

History Through the Eyes of Ogden Owl

Lee Dusing, over at Lee’s Birdwatching Adventures Plus, has posted the picture on her site of this owl with his eyes bulging as he takes in some scene before him. Lee has asked us to write a caption or a story based on the picture — taken by Peter K. Burian.  So, naturally, I hadContinue reading “History Through the Eyes of Ogden Owl”

“All In A Night’s Work” — ‘Anybody Got a Story’ Writing Challenge

Here’s my story to meet the challenge from the picture below. I  had first thought we’d keep these stories pretty short but then the more I thought about it, the more I realized that a picture like this almost demands a good bit of detail. So I extended the rules to allow each writer toContinue reading ““All In A Night’s Work” — ‘Anybody Got a Story’ Writing Challenge”

“Thawing The Ice” — My Response to ‘Anyone Got a Story’ Writing Challenge

Finally!!! I have been energized by the other authors who have been quick to respond to the writing challenge “Anyone Got a Story to Go With This Picture,” and, at last, I have had an opportunity to sit down and write mine. I offer it below. And remember, there is no time limit on takingContinue reading ““Thawing The Ice” — My Response to ‘Anyone Got a Story’ Writing Challenge”

The Hodge-Podge Writing Challenge

What is a “hodge-podge”?  According to the dictionary, it is a mixture of dissimilar ingredients.  So let’s mix up some dissimilar things today and write about them. Here’s your challenge: Choose a book — any book, as long as it has at least 100 pages. Pick up a pencil or pen. (If you’re using aContinue reading “The Hodge-Podge Writing Challenge”

Limerick Writing Challenge – 10/26/14

Since I’m teaching a Writing Poetry class this term, I have, naturally, been thinking about how many different kinds of poems there are. And today I got to thinking about limericks. We all know pretty much what a limerick is: A poem generally written in fun, which has 5 lines of anapestic meter (da-da-dum  da-da-Continue reading “Limerick Writing Challenge – 10/26/14”

‘Man With A Gun’ — Writing Challenge — Week 1

At some point in my past, I read that Raymond Carver once offered advice to writers about what to do if their stories seemed to lag or hit a boring place. His suggestion was to have a man come through a door with a gun in his hand. That idea intrigued me – much moreContinue reading “‘Man With A Gun’ — Writing Challenge — Week 1”

Tell Me A Story Saturday — 25 Words or Less — Writing Challenge

  Tell me a story – any story – as long as it’s your own original work. And as long as you tell it in 25 words or less. Post your story on your blog and then hop over here and post the link to it in the “Comments” section of this page. Leave aContinue reading “Tell Me A Story Saturday — 25 Words or Less — Writing Challenge”

Tell Me A Story Saturday – Writing Challenge – 5/17/14

  It’s time for another “Tell Me a Story” Challenge. I always enjoy the 100-word writing challenges very much, and I take part in as many as I can. However, it’s also important to get good practice and exercise in writing short stories that are not “flash fiction” stories, but long enough to allow forContinue reading “Tell Me A Story Saturday – Writing Challenge – 5/17/14”

Story Challenge: A Cow, A Barber, & a Child

  Okay, blogging buddies, I’m in the mood for another story challenge this week. Write me a story (or a poem if you prefer) that includes the following:     A COW   A BARBER ` A CHILD OR CHILDREN (Boys or girls, any age)   Word limit: 500 words or less. Remember that myContinue reading “Story Challenge: A Cow, A Barber, & a Child”