How Many Words Can You Make From The Word ‘Thermostat’?

Hey, how about a new kind of writing challenge for the new year?  It doesn’t require you to write a whole story, but it does put your brain to work. This challenge will force you to stretch your thinking muscles, be a little creative, and dig down deep into your vocabulary reservoir.

Set a timer for 2 minutes. Then write a list of all the words
you can make from the letters in this word:

When the timer goes off, you MUST stop. If you are in the middle of
writing a word, you can finish the word, but that’s all. You can’t use
any letter more times than you find it in the word. Contractions and proper names are allowed. Abbreviations are NOT allowed. (Once you’ve stopped, if you read over the list and see typos, you may correct them.)

HINT:  It may be easier to write them by hand and then type them in once  you have the complete list. Because you have to hit the “shift” key and the “return” key at the same time in order to space down just one line in the editor window, it takes more time to type the words into the editor in a list format.

Play fair. Don’t read anyone else’s list until you have written your own.

Post your list on your own blog; then come over here and give us
the link to your post in the “Comments” section below.

The challenge will run through Monday, January 25.
So have your link in the “Comments” section by the stroke
of midnight (in your own time zone) on that day.

I’ll post my list in a separate article and put the link on this page as well.

Have fun


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