Share Your World – July 24.2017

Cee’s ‘Share Your World’ challenge is a great way for bloggers to get to know one another better. If you’d like to participate, you can get the details HERE. Question # 1: List some of your favorite types of teas. My very favorite tea of all is English Breakfast Tea. I also enjoy Irish BreakfastContinue reading “Share Your World – July 24.2017”

30 Words From ‘Thermostat’

I’m taking up the challenge to see how many words I can get out of the word ‘Thermostat’ in 2 minutes. My list is below. (And remember: if you’re taking part in the challenge, no fair reading my list until you’ve written your own.) the them most that treat test tat sat set some sameContinue reading “30 Words From ‘Thermostat’”

How Many Words Can You Make From The Word ‘Thermostat’?

Hey, how about a new kind of writing challenge for the new year?  It doesn’t require you to write a whole story, but it does put your brain to work. This challenge will force you to stretch your thinking muscles, be a little creative, and dig down deep into your vocabulary reservoir. Set a timerContinue reading “How Many Words Can You Make From The Word ‘Thermostat’?”

Share Your World, 2015 – Week # 1

It’s a brand new year of Share Your World. Why not participate if you have the time. It’s easy, and it’s a great way to get to know fellow bloggers better. Cee Neuner  is the hostess, so just hop over to her blog and check out the details. Question # 1: How do you getContinue reading “Share Your World, 2015 – Week # 1”