Share Your World, 2015 – Week # 1

It’s a brand new year of Share Your World. Why not participate if you have the time. It’s easy, and it’s a great way to get to know fellow bloggers better. Cee Neuner  is the hostess, so just hop over to her blog and check out the details.

Question # 1: How do you get rid of pesky telemarketers?BLUE TELEPHONE

To begin with, now that I have Caller ID, if the number looks suspiciously like a telemarketer, I don’t even answer the phone, and they seldom leave a message. If I do answer, and I learn that it’s someone marketing anything I’m not interested in, I politely interrupt them and say, “Let me save you and me both a lot of time. I’m not at all interested in your product/service.”

If they are polite, they say “Okay” and terminate the call. If they are not polite and try to get pushy and argue with me or try to put pressure on me to listen to them anyway, I then — also politely — say, “I’m hanging up now. Thank you. Good-bye.” And I hang up. I understand that they are just doing their job, but once I’ve made it clear that I’m not interested, they owe it to me to stop tying up my phone and accept my refusal. If they will not, then I feel I’m totally within the realm of good manners to sign off and terminate the call myself.

COFFEE MANQuestion # 2: What are you a natural at doing?

Two things: Eating and Talking — sometimes doing both at the same time, although doing both simultaneously can get a little messy if I’m not careful.



BARBER CARTOON - BLUEQuestion # 3: How often do you get a haircut?

Depends on the mood I’m in. I’ve always been a person who liked to change my hair — sort of like with my blog. I get bored easily. So when I get my hair cut short, I generally go for a trim every couple months until I’m tired of that style, and then I let it grow out. Once it’s longer, I don’t get it cut until I feel the style is sagging because of not having attention, and then I go for a trim. I guess you could say I’m pretty laid back about haircuts. But I do trim my bangs and the top section myself almost every month because I don’t like the bangs hanging on my eyebrows. And I’ve also noticed that when I’m feeling blah or just out of sorts with myself, getting a haircut gives me a new lease on life, so I have been known to get a new cut just because I needed a change.

APE WITH BANANA - WP CLIPARTQuestion # 4: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “fun”?

Writing and Playing Word Games, like Bananagrams.   (If you’re not familiar with Bananagrams, I’ll tell you that it is a word game similar to Scrabble, in that each player works with letter tiles to create words.) I also love teaching, and 90% of the time it is total fun for me as well. But, honestly, if I had to choose just one single thing that gives me pure pleasure, I would have to say writing.

CARTOON WRITER CLOTHED - editedBonus Question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful for all the wonderful Christmas gifts I received. I was so blessed by people who generously put great thought and effort into my gifts. This next week, I am looking forward to spending some extra time writing on my newest novel Prissy On The Prowl.



13 thoughts on “Share Your World, 2015 – Week # 1

    1. I’m glad I sound sort of normal. This week’s questions weren’t too challenging. But I am having trouble with Prissy. I haven’t been able to stick with her this past couple month, and now I have to sort of catch up to get started again. I wish I had the money to do what one author did recently. She retired from her other work, and she and her husband rented a cabin at Hemlock Inn in the Smokies for a whole year so she could do nothing but write. My sister and I love to go to Hemlock Inn, and this author was staying there the last time we visited in October. I have to admit that I was very jealous.

      1. This definition from Kiids Wordsmyth might help motivate you. Though I got to admit stay in a lodge sound great. Today you might get snowed in and have to stay for awhile. Then you would have an excuse and not have to “retire”. Just a thought. 🙂
        pris·sy Submit

        prI si
        part of speech: adjective
        inflections: prissier, prissiest
        definition: overly proper; prim.
        similar words:
        priggish, proper, prudish, stuffy, uptight
        derivations: prissily (adv.), prissiness (n.)

        1. I’m truly thankful it isn’t snowing here and is not supposed to this week. The temperatures are absolutely frigid, and two days this week, the wind was almost unbearable. But I keep thanking the Lord that I have a wonderfully warm house and a car with a terrific heater.

          The real problem for me is that so much of my work has to be done on the Internet anyway. So I don’t have any excuse even when I’m snowed in. I still have to work on the “other stuff” instead of my novels. Oh well, I need to be thankful for the “other stuff” because it helps pay the bills.

    2. By the way, I found my azalea pictures on my blog media library today. But I haven’t had time to experiment with the slideshow thing yet. At least I know they are still in the library. That’s a relief.

  1. Oh yes, I can relate to the pushy, gotta speak the whole spiel kind of telemarketers. I look as forward to another one of those calls as I do the next sneaky, stubborn, Security extortion “Service program” masquerading as a “Worm” in my computer registry.
    Happy New Year

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