30 Words From ‘Thermostat’

I’m taking up the challenge to see how many words I can get out of the word ‘Thermostat’ in 2 minutes. My list is below. (And remember: if you’re taking part in the challenge, no fair reading my list until you’ve written your own.) the them most that treat test tat sat set some sameContinue reading “30 Words From ‘Thermostat’”

How Many Words Can You Make From The Word ‘Thermostat’?

Hey, how about a new kind of writing challenge for the new year? ┬áIt doesn’t require you to write a whole story, but it does put your brain to work. This challenge will force you to stretch your thinking muscles, be a little creative, and dig down deep into your vocabulary reservoir. Set a timerContinue reading “How Many Words Can You Make From The Word ‘Thermostat’?”