Prompt Nights – Poems of Healing

I hadn’t heard about the “Prompt Nights” writing challenge until this week. And when I saw the current prompt, I couldn’t resist taking part — since ministry in the area of healing is one of the things I do most. So I’m sharing a poem I actually wrote a few years go, but it fits this week’s prompt perfectly.


(Exodus 15:26, Mark 5:25-34)  

Her brow was wet with fever,
And her body wracked with pain.
She did not know just what was wrong,
But the symptoms would not change.
She knew she needed healing,
But she had no way to pay.
Who to turn to; who to trust;
Who to show the way?

A friend said to her, “Sister,
I know a doctor kind.
He cleanses lepers, makes lame walk,
And gives sight to the blind.
In fact, He’ll take on any case,
And cure it every time.”

“Oh, would that I could go to Him,”
She then was heard to say.
“But since I do not know His name,
How can I know the way?
And even if He’d take my case,
I simply cannot pay.”

“My dear, fear not,” her friend replied;
“There is no need to fear.
I’ll take you to Him right away;
He’s really very near.
His name’s Jehovah Rapha; He’s
‘The God that healeth thee.’
And because of His Son’s precious blood,
The healing – it is free!


Visit the “Healing From Jesus” site.


7 thoughts on “Prompt Nights – Poems of Healing

  1. Oh my goodness, this is so deep and profound! Especially adore this part:

    ‘The God that healeth thee.’
    And because of His Son’s precious blood,
    The healing – it is free!

    Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights Sandra 🙂

    Lots of love,

      1. I also just now noticed that my picture did not publish in the post. On my preview, it was there just fine, and when I first Iooked at the post after publishing, it was there. But now it is not. I’ll try putting the picture back in. Oh, well, some things just take a little longer to get right.

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