First Coffee Post of the Year

It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t celebrate the new year with a coffee post. And, then, since chocolate runs a very, very close second to coffee as my favorite treat, I figured I should include both. So I decided I’d stay in my limerick vein another day, and this is what I came up with.

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Coffee makes everything better.
If I’m battling inclement weather,
Or I’m dealing with stress,
Or my love life’s a mess,
I grab coffee and chocolate together.

The aroma of both is so soothing —
All my distraught emotions quite smoothing.
As they alter my brain,
My good mood I regain,
And the whole world commences improving.


4 thoughts on “First Coffee Post of the Year

    1. Well, I still have book # 6 to finish for the Smoky Mountain Series. It’s about half done, but I had to stop and get that devotional type collection together. The Lord has been telling me to get it out there for about three years now, and I’ve dragged my feet. I don’t know why. Well, I have ‘reasons,’ but not valid ‘excises.’ Anyway, I did get it done, and it’s now getting into people’s hands so, hopefully, it can bless them.

      And I was just thinking this weekend about all that I did get done this year. Even though it had a lot of negatives in it, I realized that — through God’s grace — I got a whole lot done that should bear some good fruit for His Kingdom, so all in all, it was a very good year for me.

      Anyway the other big thing that’s on the list is getting my healing school classes online. The local college where I teach the healing classes is wanting me to get it onto the Internet — because we are still very limited as to what we can do on campus. So I’m preparing the audio to be paired with a few pictures just to break up a blank screen and putting the lessons on YouTube. The students who sign up for the course will get links via their e-mail to the videos, and also the study notes in written form that they can print out and keep — and take notes on, etc. They will also have access to an e-mail where they can ask any questions and discuss anything with me about the material.

      I’m waiting to post something about it on my site here because I’m wanting to make sure that people from out of state and out or the country can actually sign up for it. I don’t think this particular college has been dealing with much online instruction — and certainly not with international students — so I don’t know exactly what their situation is as far as accepting registration and payment internationally. But I’m hoping I can tell all my followers online that they can sign up for he course if they want to. We’ll see.

      The Lord also led me to start putting some of my artwork onto coffee mugs. I gave several of them as Christmas gifts but now I’m going to start selling them. So I’m hoping that they, along with the greeting cards that focus on my art, will bring in a little more income.

      I should set me up a commerce site of some kind online, but I’ve put it off because I detest having to deal with all the money stuff and credit cards, etc. I used to use PayPal for some selling, but PayPal messed up my account so badly that it wouldn’t accept any money. And because of this covid mess, I wasn’t able to get them on the phone to get it straightened out. I tried their chat platform — three different times — over a period of months — and they either don’t care or their customer service people are so ignorant they cannot comprehend the problem or the solution.

      Anyway, I finally deleted my account with them, so I’m now in a position to have to go another route if I want to do any selling online. Or maybe create a brand new PayPal account, which should work okay for a awhile anyway. I still have to pray about it a little more I guess.

      That’s about all that’s brewing for me right now. What are you and Dan going to do with this new year?

      1. Well now, that was a lengthy answer! Until I can get the vaccine, I reckon I’ll continue to stay close to home. That trip to Gatorland was the first outing in MONTHS! We may do that again in a month or so when the nest have young. Right now, there are no nest out there.
        I suppose I’ll try to get back on my ancestry again, and keep sending out my e-card for encouragement. It is surprising how many write me back in appreciation.
        As you can tell, I really don’t have an agenda. Our pastor challenged us to read through the Bible in a month about a month ago or so. I can’t read that fast and still have a life 🙂 , but I have been reading through the N.T. in a little over a month. I am now into Revelations. I was already reading through the O.T. chronologically when he made the suggestion. That was at my pace though. 🙂
        Of course I have my blog and was trying to get the Kids one moved back in to the main blog. That got put on hold when we had guest for 2 weeks during Thanksgiving and I still haven’t got back to that.
        I am just trusting that our country doesn’t fall apart after Jan 20. I know the Lord is in control and I keep trying to remember that. That’s whats brewing down this way.

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